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Anyway to implement Dirac Live with a 2.1 system? 2 years 6 months ago #52273

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Hi I'm looking to implement Dirac Live into my 2.1 system with the following equipment and goals listed below. However, I'm not sure how to achieve it but I have a few ideas.

Current equipment:

- Preamp: Parasound Halo P6 2.1ch (Has HT Bypass and built in Main and Sub Crossovers)
- Amp: Parasound Halo A23+ 2ch (also has a loop out feature not sure if this would assist in any way)
- KEF LS50 Meta w/ S2 stands
- Rythmik Audio FVX12 Subwoofer
- Mac Mini M1 as streamer/source via USB
- TV as source via SPDIF digital audio (coax/optical) - Apple TV, Consoles, Fios box hooked up to this

May purchase:
- Dirac Live Software
- miniDSP SHD or a DDRC-22/24 or?

- Be able to integrate subwoofer (can do this with my preamp but looking for more than just crossovers, perhaps compression, time/phase, etc)
- Be able to turn the subwoofer off and play the mains at full range without having to flip the switch to turn the crossover off on the back of my preamp
- Be able to run room correction and other DSP features

My ideas and questions about how to achieve this:

Sources: Mac Mini -> USB -> SHD, TV -> SPDIF -> SHD / Rega P1 TT -> Phono Stage Parasound Halo P6 preamp
DSP/Preamps: SHD -> XLR or RCA -> Parasound Halo P6 preamp HT Bypass input / SHD Subwoofer Out -> LFE in Rythmik Subwoofer
Amp: Parasound Halo P6 Mains L/R out RCA or XLR -> Parasound Halo A23+ amp -> Speakers / Parasound Halo P6 Subwoofer Line out -> Rythmik Subwoofer Line in

1. Could I get a SHD preamp and hook it's main output into my preamps HT bypass input and then run the subwoofer directly out of the SHD? OR would I hook the SHD output into the Parasound Halo P6's analog input, but then which device would be used for volume control and would I be doubleing up on DA conversions?
2. I believe my Parasound preamp says the volume is locked so this would mean I would control volume via the SHD, correct?
3. Would this retain the potential coloration of my premamp or not?
4. Would this allow me to still use the Parasound preamps inputs like USB and digital audio when i dont want to use the SHD?
5. Would this allow me to use the phono stage on the Paraosund pre amp? And then also use the sub output of the Parasound preamp into the Line In inputs of my subwoofer for trye analog only (while the SHD is hooked up to the LFE input of the Subwoofer since it's handling the sub integration?)
6. Would the volume control be handled by the SHD with this configuration?
7. Is there another better way to achieve what I'm after or close to it with either another configuration of the SHD and my equipment or through another DSP product or Dirac Live implementation all together? Would I be better off ditching the Parasound preamp all together but then I would need a phono stage? and is the SHD Dac as good as the ESS Sabre Dac in my Parasound?

Any help is greatly appreciated I'm totally lost!

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