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Turntable with USB into SHD Studio? 3 years 6 months ago #47230

  • Telegraphroad
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I have an SHD Studio unit. I would like to connect a turntable to it. Does the following chain work?
Turntable > Phono Preamp with USB output > SHD Studio with USB input

I consider using this phono preamp with built-in ADC: www.rega.co.uk/fono-mini-a2d.html

If this fails, what do you consider the next best option?
  • Replace SHD Studio with SHD to connect the phono preamp via RCA*
  • Insert ADC between phono preamp and SHD Studio via Toslink or Balanced
  • Insert USB-to-Toslink converter between phono preamp and SHD Studio
  • Buy a turntable with built-in digital-out to connect to SHD Studio via Toslink*

* especially attractive option if the SHD DAC performance outperforms the DAC in my Denon PMA-1600 integrated amp as well
** e.g. www.project-audio.com/en/product/debut-c...-recordmaster-hires/

Thanks so much :-)

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Turntable with USB into SHD Studio? 3 years 6 months ago #47231

  • chrissy
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Hi Henrik,

it depends on the quality of your turntable, cartridge and your dedication to phono. The project is a very cheap phono pramp with only MM input. If it fits your needs, why not. Project is considered to have a good price quality relation. If you have a good turntable and want good reproduction, I would go for the SHD device, buy a good phono preamp, at leat this is the way I did it.

SHD as Preamp, Squeezelite player and roomcorrection.
Nubert nuVero 60, 2x Elac 2070 Sub, XTZ EDGE A2-300 power amp. Acoustic solid Machine record player, SME 4 Tonearm, Nagaoka MP 500 cartridge,
FI Micro iPhono2 phono preamp, HiFiMan HE1000 SE, Phonitor X phone amp

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Turntable with USB into SHD Studio? 3 years 5 months ago #47684

  • writesds
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I bring my analog in to the SHD from my phono preamp with great success. First, I am sending a very high quality signal to the SHD analog in. The A/D > DSP > D/A result is outstanding in that I benefit from Drac correction without a change to the analog qualities I expect from my vinyl. As an obsessed audiophile type, I was apprehensive about introducing dsp into the analog chain, with concerns that it would be detrimental to the analog sq, I no longer have those concerns

In your case, the quality of your analog hardware and the rest of the chain will dictate your results. I have to say that the Dirac correction will be worth it either way. I would recommend the best tt and phono preamp you can afford. Even check used gear and make sure you can play an mc cartridge through it. You may eventually end up there. Then, go to the SHD.

If your budget is limited to the pro-Ject, go for it. The reviews are good and it’s at about the same hi-if level as your denon. Unless you plan on upgrading other components down the road, or have a primary focus on vinyl, you may not benefit from a higher end analog setup. Either way, the Dirac/PAQ features will help you maximize whatever you have.

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