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Nano AVR DL and minDSP 2x4 HD together on MAC 4 years 8 months ago #39921

I am new to this forum and hope you guys will help me with your expertise. I have got my own customised home theatre system including - Projector - Sony 4k VPL - 500 ES/Samsnug 75 inch 4k TV series, AVR set - Yamaha CXA and MXA 5000, Speakers - Front Right and Left Monitor Audio Platinum PL300, Centre PLC 350, and Surround and surround rear -2 pairs of Bower and wilkins CM10, and a two B&W small speakers for front high. Subwoofers : 1) Velodyne DD 18 plus 2) Monitor Audio Gold W15, SVS SB 3000. I have recently bought Nano AVR DL and miniDSP 2x4 HD in order to try to optimise the sound settings, especially the subwoofers. I usually connect the whole system with MAC. I managed to run Nano avr dl on Dirac Live and overall significant improvement in the sound quality. But, I have two issues, I don't know, how to sort them, I have tried all the tweaking and spent hours and hours, but still not able to solve it.
One is - after the Dirac live implementation, the System output Volume is atleast more than 30 % reduced. That means, I have to compensate with escalating the AVR volume quite high, from -50 db to now after Dirac upto 0 db. This volume means, if accidently, the power switches to AVR owns output, which can happen, If some button on AVR is pressed or TV is switched to its own TV mode, there is a massive explosion in the room, very frightening. Do I have to live with the controlled clipped - Quality sound, I have tried changing all levels but no much difference.
Secondly - I got minDSP 2x4 HD to optimise the multi subwoofers perforamce but I cant run both together. And miniDSP - keeps taking input from the USB port which is a direct input from the MAC. AVR analog output to mindsp - is not working. Is there a way to run both devices together, Or how best I can optimise the bass with these two devices. It might be a repition but, I couldnot find any information about using both together. I will appreciate your advice. Thanks

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Nano AVR DL and minDSP 2x4 HD together on MAC 4 years 8 months ago #40119

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Hi there

Few comments
a) The issue here is most likely the fact that after Dirac, you're not boosting the volume. As per manual, you need to slowly raise your master volume from Dirac Live (there will be a fader when you DRAG&DROP the filter).
b) As for both units together, I'm afraid that you can't have both plugin connected together I'm afraid.. Only one unit at a time can be connected to.

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