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NanoAVR HDA and bi-amping speakers 4 years 5 months ago #39664

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Hello everyone. I am currently in the process of designing a home theater setup, but am finding myself a bit unsure about how sound is relegated to different channels after being processed for dolby digital (or similar formats) by a pre-amp or bluray/dvd player, and then sent to a NanoAVR HDA via hdmi. So I'm hoping to get confirmation that my logic is correct here, or suggestions on ways I can meet my goals if I'm wrong.

First, a bit of context. My plan is to setup a 5.1 speaker layout using a NanoAVR HDA, with one cravat not typically done in these types of setups. Bi-amping the mids and tweeters in my front L&R channels. So the current plan is to use the analog outputs to feed 8 channels of amplification in the following way. Ch. 1&5 used for front left mid and tweeter, 2&6 used for front right mid and tweeter, ch. 7&8 used for rear right and rear left, ch. 4 for the center, and ch. 3 for the subwoofer.

Based on what I have read, I believe once the audio is decoded and sent to the NanoAVR, it will be output in the following way, ch.1=FL, ch.2=FR, ch.3=LFE, ch.4=CTR, ch.5=SL, ch.6=SR, ch.7=RL, ch.8=RR. Is this correct?

Assuming that is correct, can I simply use the input from ch.1 to also feed ch.5, and input from ch.2 to also feed ch.6 as a means to bi-amp my L&R front speakers (forgoing the use of ch. 5 and 6 as surround channels)? i.e ch. 1 = left tweeter, ch. 5 = left mid, and ch. 2 = right tweeter ch. 6 = right mid. I know assigning one input to multiple outputs can be done with the unit, but want to make sure I wouldn't I lose any tuning capability by feeding multiple channels of output from one input (i.e ch.1 input also feeding ch.5 output), or will I still be able to independently tune each channel?

Thank you very much for your time, and responses. I look forward to your reply.

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NanoAVR HDA and bi-amping speakers 4 years 5 months ago #39846

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Providing you set your source to output in PCM format, it will indeed not become any issue at all to reroute the signal inside the nanoAVR HDA. Check out the main matrix mixer. That's where all the magic happens. :-)

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