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NanoAVR DL as digital crossover network and mixer 4 years 9 months ago #38178

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Dear all,

I would be grateful for getting some anwers in terms of NanoAVR DLs capabilities. Further below I try to explain the task more general.

What the NanoAVR should do is: mix the center to both front channels as well as to work as a digital crossover network for 2-way front speakers (splitting them into overall four channels applying the crossover frequency at about 2 kHz). This should be done in the digital domain, using the HDMI LPCM signal from the source.

The purpose: I try to realize a digital crossover network solution NOT between preamp and poweramp. The target is to do all digital processing while signal is still digital. I would like to avoid multiple, unnecessary AD/DA conversion, quantization noise and so on.

This means: when starting with a 5.1 LPCM signal from the source I can use NanoAVR as digital crossover network and therefore feed actively driven two-way front speakers (no center, btw) and passive surrounds. All driven by the standard 7.1 AV receiver. How this works: After NanoAVR has done his job (mixing center to fronts and splitting fronts to fronts mids/highs), I will give a 7.1 signal from NanoAVR to the AV receiver: this contains all necessary channels: two for front left (mid/high seperatly), two for front right (mid/high seperatley), no center (has been mixed into fronts before), surround left, surround right and LFE. Therefore a standard 7.1 avr can be used (only 6.1 channels are used).

The background: LPCM multichannel (5.1) HDMI signal should be processed purely digital (mixing and crossover network), then a standard AV receiver shall do volume control by its preamp and poweramplification section. AVR will be fed by a 7.1 signal, where two "height" channels (or whatever they are called) will contain front high frequencies, while front channels only contain front mid frequencies.

I strongly assume that A NanoAVR HD will be able to do the required task. But can the NanoAVR DL also do the mixing and digital croxssover things and in addition the Dirac Magic?

I would prefer to use the NanoAVR DL! But having a look at all manuals etc. I fear the NanoAVR DL is at least not able to do the mixing and splitting of two front channels to four front channels (mids/highs)?

Best regards and many thanks in advance!!!

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NanoAVR DL as digital crossover network and mixer 4 years 9 months ago #38307

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@ Yoba

We've already answered in great details this thread on the tech support system so you should be all set.
Just to confirm for others, nanoAVR DL doesn't handle any mixing/crossover/EQ. The product is exactly like the user manual says it it.. :-)
HDMI in -> Dirac Live 8ch - > HDMI out.

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