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Might help those w/ issues - NanoAVR DL w/ HTPC 6 years 9 months ago #29217

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Received the NanoAVR DL in the mail yesterday from Hong Kong.

Unpacking was uneventful. Nicely packaged.

Printed out the manual, would be nice if it was included, but minor point.

Started going through the set up procedure one by one. Installed software.

At this point was where it got funny. Only the Front Right and Front Left speakers would produce the test tone at the point where you set up levels. Sub, Center, and Surrounds would not produce pink noise test tones.

Thought it was a handshaking issue with the old graphics card I was using. Unplugged each many times to ensure good connections, still there was no test tone for sub, center, and surrounds.

Updated the firmware with the latest download offered on the website. Followed directions; it was painless.

Still issues with not being able to produce test tones through the center, surrounds, and subwoofer. I always get a bit funny after spending $$$ on a new piece of kit, esp if it from overseas, as there is it would be long transit time to figure out if there is a problem with the unit, or other piece of my computer that is the issue. Didn't want to spend money on another graphics card too.

***But I did get it to work with my setup.

***All I had to do was opening iTunes and setting the volume all the way to 0 to get each of the test tones to produce. Not sure why this works this way, but I imagine it was just getting a program to open some sort of channel from my computer down through HDMI to my receiver, as if it needs to call the hardware down the HDMI. Not knowledgeable enough about this stuff to figure out the specifics, but this worked for me.

After this, everything went smoothly. Only other issue was the fact that since I was using Windows 10 feature to enlarge system fonts and icons to 175%, the couch graphic was so enlarged, I could not view it. Also, the "start" button measurement would not display. Had to press enter to get it to work, I also changed the scaling to 100% and this got the program to display correctly.

Had enough time to get just 1 measurement last night, and play with the room curve. Default room curve was bright, but after making a steeper curve in the highs, got it to sound correct for the room, save for a room mode around 70hz that my sub and room have an issue with.

Otherwise, a marked improvement. Will have to do more fiddling, but though this would help those with a HTPC.
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Might help those w/ issues - NanoAVR DL w/ HTPC 6 years 9 months ago #29230

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Hi, the nanoAVR DL has an HDMI output channel mode. When doing a calibration, it may be that the computer was sending 2-ch mode, which was then propagated to the output. Setting the HDMI output channel mode to 7.1 should avoid this.
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Might help those w/ issues - NanoAVR DL w/ HTPC 6 years 9 months ago #29239

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@ Tpopo,

Thanks much for sharing your experience for others. As John mentioned, HDMI works as a chain (devices upstream and downstream are handshaking to define channel count, sample rate, video rez.. etc). So if one of the device (E.g. HTPC) is streaming stereo, we can't do multichannel in the nanoAVR (just a downstream device).

The trick is indeed to put a 7.1 content as a test at the source and it should do the trick. Keep us updated on how your setup goes beyond that!

Have fun

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