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TRS Male to Dual XLR Male Y-Splitter Stereo Breakout Cable application for Flex 1 week 1 day ago #66787

Hello miniDSP experts,
I am using a miniDSP Flex TRS to feed a high power 4-channel amplifier.  The 4-channel amplifier supports a pair of 2-way speakers.  Unfortunately, the amplifier is too powerful for the horn compression drivers and have blown a few....  I have tried safety caps and fuses, but not successful to fully resolve the problem.  I knew this could be an issue to use this amplifier for home built, high sensitivity speakers, but it's the amplifier I had on hand.

I would like to purchase a lower power stereo amplifier for compression driver duty, which would increase my channels to six.  The woofers I have are dual coil, so I would like to drive all four coils with the 4-channel amplifier.  Is there an issue to use a pair of TRS Male to Dual XLR Male Y-Splitter Stereo Breakout Cables to feed all channels of the 4-channel amplifier to drive all four woofer coils?, AND are the Dual XLR male ends of each cable become an unbalanced Left and Right channel?

The remaining two TRS outputs on the Flex would connect to the L and R channels of the lower power, balanced stereo amplifier to drive the compression drivers.

Thank you for your guidance!

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