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Flex Digital & Flex Eight in series: Analog to digital 4-Way & doubled FIR taps? 10 months 6 days ago #64048

  • Hoffmann
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Hi folks,

as my 2006 DEQX gets "naughty" I'm considering replacement, not least because I'm building a 4-Way active System. After long last miniDSP seems to have a solution for me!

- I do listen to LP records, so the A>D of the Flex series comes in very handy (and ASR's Amir claims it's good)
- building a 4-way the Flex eight comes in handy
- FIR capability comes in handy for phase correction
- 2048 or so filter taps are not humongous, so doubling that would come in handy

The idea is to connect a Flex Digital and a Flex Eight via SPDIF and it seems I'd have all I want/need, including a multitude of PEQs :
- Flex Digital does A>D, half the FIR phase work with 2000 taps per stereo input channel, loudness and input control , some EQ. Two digital outputs stay unused
- Flex Eight does the x-over, chassis amplitude equalization and the other half of FIR phase linearization work with another 200 taps per stereo input channel
- I'm aware of doubled FIR latency MAY be an issue, but that has never been an issue with the (old) DEQX FIR implementation
- Only the Flex Digital would be enabled with volume and input control (Flex Eight somehow disabled the functions), switching presets would be reserved to myself anyway...

I'd be grateful for comments, most prominently I'd need to understand actual or potential show stoppers!
A potential issue may be the splitting of filter taps between the two units, although I cannot (yet) see why that would be an issue as tthe two are in series, just implementing filters on a data stream...

Thanks for reading this far and for constructive answers!

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Flex Digital & Flex Eight in series: Analog to digital 4-Way & doubled FIR taps? 10 months 4 days ago #64084

  • grosso
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Sure that will work, it’s almost my setup, I now use shd studio in front and flex8 behind, and before I had an shd studio driving 2 shds.
I don't know how the new device control behaves with two similar units now, probably better than with the old plugins but still be careful the first few times (I just know I needed to pay attention managing multiple devices and presets before).
Also you need to put the slave at 0db and block its IR sensor, otherwise one remote will control both units.
Tape or cardboard in front will work, I asked in another thread for a cleaner solution.

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