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SHD, dual subs - Dirac not measuring low frequencies 3 months 4 weeks ago #65652

  • jimbohlman
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I'm at a bit of a loss on this one... I just got a MiniDSP SHD, and am running it with dual subs. I'm playing with Dirac for the first time since getting the SHS, and it seems that when taking sound test measurements in Dirac, only the "mains" are being accessed, not the subs... which results in filters being created without factoring in the subs at all (which makes really bad filters, by the way). To confirm that this isn't a setup issue, I put some music on and muted all SHD output channel, unmuting them one at a time, to confirm they were physically connected in the right way, and then I fired up REW to take a few measures... Through REW, the full-range across mains and the subs are being sampled. With the REW test, I can tell immediately that the subs are being accessed - the beginning of the test tone can be felt in the walls and is audibly lower than the tone from the Dirac measurements.

Attached are a few screenshots to show that I've got the outputs configured correctly, that I have the crossovers set up correctly (mains linked, subs linked, crossover at 65hz), a screenshot from REW that shows measurements down to about 10hz (with an ugly peak at 35hz...), and then finally a screenshot from Dirac that shows measurements falling off at 65hz, and the "detected range" at 65hz.

Any ideas on how to cause Dirac to measure both the mains and the subs? All of the SHD/Dirac documentation says that this is supposed to happen automatically, using Dirac1 for one channel (main and sub, always the Left in the documentation) and Dirac2 the other (Right main+sub in the documentation).

System is Roon ROCK Core streaming via LAN to MiniDSP SHD, Martin Logan ESL-9 main speakers (2) powered by McIntosh MC462 (Unbalanced/RCA connected to Outputs 1 and 2 of the SHD to the MC462), SVS SB-3000 (non ported) subs (2) (unbalanced/RCA connected to Outputs 3 and 4 of the SHD).

Subs themselves are set to highest crossover frequency (200hz) and full volume (0db) via the SVS app so as to let the SHD govern the crossover point and slope. They are powered on and producing sound.
SHD currently set to 65hz crossover, with 0db gain on the mains and -10bd gain on the subs. Obviously, this will be tuned if I can get Dirac to work correctly, but seemed like a good starting point.

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SHD, dual subs - Dirac not measuring low frequencies 3 weeks 6 days ago #66640

  • Anthonyking203
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Hi Jim,
I see you too have problems using Dirac with the SHD.
My issues are similar where Dirac produces a narrowed stereo sound stage.

Just something to remember is that the Dirac process filter generated after you have performed the measurements.
This means any PEQ filters you install in the SHD will be processed by Dirac.
E.G. If you increase the gain level on your two sub outputs, Dirac will counter the gains and adjust the sub gain to meet the Dirac levels you have defined in the last Dirac screen where the "house curve" is selected. If you wanted to add more sub energy you need to do this in the final Dirac screen.
Have you been able to solve your problem yet?

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