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DDRC-24 one channel quieter than the other? 1 year 4 months ago #59033

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So I first purchased the minidsp 2x4HD from audiophonics which I later converted to a DDRC-24 by purchasing a Dirac Live license from minidsp.com. Mine is kind of a complicated setup. I am running a 5.2.2 atmos setup powered by a Marantz AV7702mkii preamp and a rotel rmb 1077 7-channel class D power amp. The AV7702 sends the FL and FR signals as "full range" to the DDRC-24 which splits it into FL, FR and 2 subs with appropriate crossovers and of course applies Dirac Live room correction. The setup was working fine for a month or so but suddenly one day i noticed that not even after 10-15 minutes into my 2 channel stereo listening session, the FR speaker started getting quieter and slowly it went completely silent. I panicked and restarted the system. It came back to normal but after a while, the same problem resurfaced once again. Initially I thought it was the problem with the FR channel of my rotel power amp since it is a very old device. So I quickly swapped the FL and FR channels of the rotel. But the problem remained. I panicked even more and thought it was my av7702 that was faulty. I swapped the FL and FR preouts of the rotel that goes into the DDRC-24. The problem did not seem to reappear. Of course this threw all the dirac live calibrations out of the window but hey I needed to check. I was still not convinced to I completely removed the DDRC 24 from the signal chain and am since feeding the preamp out directly to my rotel poweramp for a few days now. The problem did not come back (touchwood). This signals to me two things: 1. either one of the input or output channels (or both) of the ddrc-24 is faulty or 2. the RCA interconnect that I was using is faulty. Now I am not a believer in expensive cables and feel that even if expensive cables did make a difference, I am not qualified or trained enough to spot any such difference and nor do I possess golden ears. However, I do tend to use decent quality cables (not cheap dollar store ones), even if just to do a bit of justice to the other equipments in my system. The RCA interconnects in question here are a pair of audioquest forests. 

The next thing which I am logically gonna do is to change these interconnects but I would also like to ask you if any of you guys have ever had a similar problem or have ever experienced one of the input/output channels of the ddrc-24 or the minidsp-2x4hd being faulty?

Thanks for your insights :)

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