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Help w/ Dirac Live 3.0 via MiniDSP DDRC-88A-BC and 2 Different Subwoofers 1 year 10 months ago #57715

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Hello Everyone,

I recently purchased a used MiniDSP DDRC-88A-BC and am super excited to run Dirac Live 3.0 for the first time! Still waiting on the unit to be shipped to me, and after that I know I'm going to have to get the Dirac and BC licenses transferred, but I thought I would start this thread to get some advice on how I should actually set things up.

My AVR is an Onkyo RZ810, so its AccuEQ room calibration system is less than ideal, so I am hoping DL is going to make a big difference. I am running a separate Monoprice Monolith x7 amplifier via RCA preouts to power my 5 speaker channels. I also have 2 HSU subwoofers. Though both subwoofers have 12-inch drivers, they are different models (one is a HSU VTF-3 MK2, the other is a HSU VTF-3 HO). My subs are in different positions in the room (the best I could find via measurements and space in the room). Prior to getting the DDRC-88A, I have the subwoofers volume and time corrected using a MiniDSP 2x4HD. I have not gotten into MSO or anything like that, but I did use REW to create a custom curve to base manage the two subs up to this point.

Anyways, I am trying to figure out what the best method will be to connect everything once I get the DDRC-88A. Should I keep the two subs connected to the MiniDSP 2x4HD for volume/time correction, and then have the 2x4HD output to a single input on the DDRC-88A for Dirac Live correction? I was thinking I would just throw out the REW DSP corrections I did on the subs and just let Dirac Live correct the two subs together, matched up by the MiniDSP 2x4HD. Is this a good approach?

FWIW, I do have multiple seats I am going to try to correct for alone a single couch, but I would prefer to keep my setup as simple as possible within reason. The more I can have Dirac Live do without me tweaking, the better. To be clear, my system then is a 5.2 system with slightly mis-matched subs, and I will definitely be keeping the MiniDSP 2x4HD whether I end up using it, or just putting it on a shelf and just let the DDRC-88A do everything.

Any advice and thoughts on my setup here is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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