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Confused about DIRAC room measurement with sub 3 years 9 months ago #45291

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I recently got a Rel T5/i subwoofer, and am pretty confused about how to re-tune DIRAC:

My system, which is working very well, is:
- Mac, feeding digital audio over USB to:
- miniDSP DDRC24 with DIRAC Live v2, feeding analog out to:
- Rega Elicit integrated amp (just 2 channels), driving:
- Dynaudio Focus 140.

The Rel is fed from both speaker outputs of the amp (that's the recommended setup). When using my previous DIRAC room tuning (ie tuned without the sub, and with the default pretty-flat target eq), the sub is already working pretty well. I am not sure how best to tune the Rel's controls prior to running DIRAC room measurement, but that's not my main question (though any advice gratefully received).

So then I tried running DIRAC Live v2 room measurement with the sub running, and it messed up badly in two ways:

1 ) The "detected [frequency] range" was crazy, stopping at 200Hz instead of closer to 20kHz. I'm guessing that the power from the sub caused the algorithm to make a bad mistake at where the effective overall speaker freq cutoff was. I don't know if this caused any actual problems, given that DIRAC still allows you to adjust the window being tuned.

2) The L and R estimated freq responses were hugely different overall - 10dB apart! That was not the case without the sub. I have no idea what caused this and the resulting output is horrible (whether as a result of this or other issues I'm not sure).

So - clearly it was a mistake to leave the sub running when doing the DIRAC room measurement. And I have seen a couple of web pages (including from Rel) that indeed suggest the sub should be left off during room eq tuning. But this seems wrong to me: Surely you need DIRAC to hear the range of frequencies that the sub can produce, in order to measure the room for those frequencies? More generally, surely DIRAC needs to hear the system as a whole so it can correct the system as a whole?

Would be grateful for advice,

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Confused about DIRAC room measurement with sub 3 years 9 months ago #45292

  • DIYAudiophileElliott
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Just wondering if you had seen this page? www.minidsp.com/applications/digital-roo...rc-24-for-2-1-system
Secondly, if you had and you wanted to know more on how to set it up then listen up as I have a few tips.
If your sub has crossover controls either turn them off or put them on the highest frequency selectable (probably 120-150hz). Next you'd want to make sure your sub is in the right position. (where you said they were 10db apart it was probably the sub providing more gain to one speaker than the other because of its position, try the sub crawl test). Also make sure that the sub is playing at the same volume level as the speakers. Use your umik-1 with something such as REW on your Windows 10 PC to see the levels and make sure they are the same (use white noise not pink, as pink varies in volume level).

Hope this was helpful. ;)
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