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Amplifier go into protection mode using the DDRC24 5 years 1 month ago #38194

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Hello together,

I've the DDRC-24 in place and my setup chain is:
CD Player(Analog) >to In1 and 2 on DDRC-24->Out 1 and 2 of DDRC to Amplifier CD Input(Analog) and on DDRC Out3 an active Sub-woofer.
So simple Stereo 2.1 with Subwoofer.
Similar to this setup: www.minidsp.com/applications/digital-roo...rc-24-for-2-1-system
Difference is I do not use any high or low pass filter because my stereo speakers should not limited and the active subwoofer has a builtin crossover.

I measured with UMIK-1 like described in the guide. All went well, measurement was successful and I used the optimize step to get the perfect sound.
Then I closed the DIRAC Live Calibration Tool and opened the DDRC-24 App. Here also looks like it should.
But now if I start my CD Player and play some music it works until I increase the volume on the amplifier a bit, not too much. Then, if a short peak in the music will come, the amplifier switches immediately into protection mode. So something is not ok with the input signal I guess. :angry:
If i directly plug the CD Player on my Amplifier on same CD Input i can increase volume unlimited, the amp never turns into protection mode. So the amplifier works and have no fault here.

Back to the issue, so I thought it has something to do with output level of DDRC. I tried many scenarios like increasing the master volume on DDRC to highest level and (i assumed) to have the highest signal level on the Amp input, but same issue ocures.
Than I tried to decrease the master volume in DDRC to mid and increase instead the volume on Amp, same Issue.
The only stable in the chain is the sub-woofer, he plays still ahead also on louder peaks.

I've no idea anymore what this can be. The voltage of Output of DDRC? I din't change anything here, all is default.
I also decreased the input volume of DDRC from default 0db to -12db. Same issue occurs.

Do have anybody a hint for me why this can be happens? :blink:

Thank you very much in advance,

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Amplifier go into protection mode using the DDRC24 5 years 3 weeks ago #38311

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@ Alex

We've already provided some support for this on your tech support tix(which we didn't get any feedback) but most likely reason is the fact that you didn't put any High pass on your mains. Even if they are full range, it's best to use the SUB to do SUB, the mains to do mains..
Having Dirac trying to apply some very low sub frequencies to your mains (as it's listening to BOTH the sub and mains) = most likely taking your amplifier for something it doesn't like.

Let the sub be a sub.. :-)

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