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Loud noise with ddrc 22 5 years 5 months ago #36660

  • Rakoon
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Hi Everyone,
I have a big problem with my ddrc 22DA, that makes my work impossible at the moment.
I work on a macbook pro with a RME babyface pro, the signal get out of the rme in optical, then in the ddrc and out in analog, into my sub, and in my speakers.
The problem is that after around one hour of work I get a huge (ear damaging) white noise comming out of the right channel (sub + right speaker), it pretty random, and it can only be solved by unplugging the power from the ddrc. When the problem happens the meters from the rme modulate normaly. When I plug the ddrc again, it works fine until the next glitch, also around one hour later. I've been told that it could be a clock problem between the rme and the ddrc
To rule out that the speakers had a problem, I inverted the two xlr cables, and I ended up having the same problem on the left channel.
To rule out that my computer had a problem, I intalled the rme driver on another computer, and I had the same problem.
I also did a "refresh DSP program", that didn't solve anything.
What I can still do would be to update the rme firware, but I would need to update the os of my mac, which can be done, but it is a really complicated operation, since I'd have to reinstall a ton of plugins etc... But I wouldn't mind doing it if it solves the problem.
I'm going crazy, because, first it kills my workflow, my ears, and I guess my speakers, but also everytime I try a possible solution, I have to wait for the problem to occur.
If someone could help me out, I'd be soooooo thankful!
Thanks in advance.

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Loud noise with ddrc 22 5 years 4 months ago #36746

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@ Rakoon

Unfortunately we're not sure what could be the issue here, but one easy way would be to start a tech support ticket with our team (official support). You can contact them directly at support - > CONTACT US. They will be more than happy to take it from there with you to figure out what is the issue here.

Sounds good?

miniDSP, building a DSP community one board at a time.

For any official support, please contact our technical support team directly @ support.minidsp.com/support/home

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Loud noise with ddrc 22 1 year 10 months ago #57609

  • Findus1975
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Hello Rakoon
I have exactly the same problem with my DDRC22DA. After about half an hour, only a very loud noise comes out of the analog output. I have also tried different digital sources and also SPDIF and Optical, the problem persists. Had you found a solution at that time. Best Regards

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