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miniDSP DDRC-88BM for 3way active - 4in / 6out 5 years 8 months ago #36057

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Hi all.

First off, I really love my new DDRC-88BM. Been using a 2x4 for 5+ years, so new gear was needed ;-)
Got a 3rd Citation 22 amp to play with, so on I went.
The 2x4 was taking care of the low/mid crossover in a set of DIY 1.8m. tall speakers, whilst a passive crossover did the job in the mid/high section.
Now, my Onkyo P-3000R preamp has 2 sets of pre-outs, for being able to adjust gain/tonal balance in a bi-amped system, they say.
I'd like to use both of those outputs (4 channels) going into the DDRC-88BM. I get the idea that the Onkyo has 2 sets of well powered outputs and if they can be put to use, then the overall signal strength is at it's best. (rather than going 2x6)
Well, it works perfectly with routing the one set from the Onkyo to the outputs for the low frequency drivers and the other set to give signal to both the mid and high frequency drivers (with separate outputs going to 2 amps)
Been reading the "crossover function" of the earlier passive crossover and implementing it to the PEQ tabs and Xover frequency in the DDRC-88BM.

So far, so good. Well, here comes my problem...
I am now experimenting with the Dirac Live function, and something has come up.
It seems like it is not possible to do what I had in mind, I wanted to do a full-frequency correction, but instead I get stuck in that the Dirac program will try to correct my crossover points between low and mid/high. It is because one cannot choose more than a single input as the source of measure. So the one set from the Onkyo going to the DDRC-88BM will get filtered at the output and show up in the measurement as what I programmed it to do. That is not a bad thing, what is, is that the Dirac program CAN'T sum all the 4 inputs in a single measurement graph, which you will then be able to view and tweak.
The only way possible is to ditch the 2nd set of outputs from the Onkyo, and just run a single stereo RCA set into the DDRC-88BM, with then just 2 Dirac channels activated in the mixer.

Maybe I'm answering my own question here, but can anyone see a different way ?
Help will be very appreciated :-)

Michael V. Madsen
- Denmark
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miniDSP DDRC-88BM for 3way active - 4in / 6out 5 years 8 months ago #36070

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You could mix the two sets of inputs in the Routing screen I think? (And then use two Dirac Live channels.)

Actually no, I don't think that will work because of where the Dirac Live test signal is injected.

So the option of just using two inputs and route the two Dirac channels to your output channels seems to be the way (as described in the manual).
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