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UI bug in DLCT build version 6937 7 years 10 months ago #22393

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Running all the latest software (DLCT 6937, 1.6, firmware 2.17) [on Windows]

Run DLCT, click proceed, click proceed, click on Test for the left channel, hold the left arrow until you are at -40 db. Turn off the test. Close DLCT (X in upper right corner), and choose "okay" when it warns you that changes will be lost.

Run DLCT, click proceed, click proceed, and take note of what the left channel slider looks like, and what numeric value it shows.

For me, the slider is where I left it (-40db), but the numeric value shows 0.0 db.

Then, select it, and hit the left arrow key, and notice that the displayed value immediately jumps to correspond with what the slider is showing.

It seems that the numeric labels will not display the correct value until the value is changed at least once.

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UI bug in DLCT build version 6937 7 years 9 months ago #22474

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@ Kevin,

Already received your tech support ticket and mentioned the below already - Here it is for information sake to the community. :-)
Thanks again for the feedback on sending us these comments.

Hello Kevin,

Thanks for the warning for this. We’re indeed aware of this since we’ve fixed an issue on the DLL/DSP firmware but Dirac has yet to update their software to solve that issue. So we’re just waiting in line to see when they’ll be able to release a next release to solve that issue. As usual, they try to combine multiple bugs before doing any updates. So far it’s the only one. :-)

In the mean time, note that the sliders will always be at the correct position. Just the numeric value is showing a wrong value (i.e. minor bug). As a work around, simply click on the slider and it will “update/Refresh” that value.

Hoping this info helps

miniDSP, building a DSP community one board at a time.

For any official support, please contact our technical support team directly @ support.minidsp.com/support/home

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