Customer Support
Customer Support
DSP Firmware
- [All Models] Noise performance improvement on filter response for IIR filters
- [All Models] Volume control moved before ASRC in DSP chain to help against potential distortion caused by intersample peaks

XMOS Firmware
- [All Models] More informative messages will be displayed on screen instead of DSP FAIL. The DeviceConsole will provide the necessary recovery steps.
- [SHD, Flex, Flex-8] OLED Display will turn off after idle for a user-specified period of time. Brightness when the display is ON can also be set. These settings are now available in the Device Console under 'Display Settings' for each model.
- [SHD, Flex, Flex-8] miniDSP Logo now appears during boot-up

- Fixed a bug of Dirac software error that occurred if users gave a long non-English (UTF-8) name string to a filter slot.

GUI Changes:
- Left Side Menu can be shown or hidden. (Refer to the View menu)
- Fixed bug where Volumio-Version-Checker periodic checking keeps on stacking up alert dialogs.
- Resize to fit content when program window is 'maximized' and 'unmaximized'
- Improvement on device reboot sequence
- Device sessions closes gracefully.
- Display a error dialog with suggested recovery-steps when the number of retries getting device identification exceeded maximum.
- Removed the UAC-2 Version-Checking
- Device Console can upgrade 2x4HD/DDRC-24 XMOS firmware from as low as v1.18.
- Fixed bug where the preset names are copied to other presets during Reset-All.
- Changes made to Preset Name now take effect immediately.
- Offer a method to recover if DSP information is corrupted.
- Improved the button alignments in the DSP context menu
- [Template Device] 'Dummy' RMS Meter now changes within a limited range, and actually respond to 'Mute' button.
- Do not prompt for Software OTA Update while performing XMOS and DSP firmware programming.