Dual sub integration using the MiniDSP

This very comprehensive application note was written by community member Neutro on AVSForum. We're very fortunate to see dedicated members taking the time to write a great step by step like this one.
To those of you who have ways/ideas on a little tutorial, make sure to send it to us. And once again a big "Merci" to François!


The goal of this thread is to discuss a handful of topics regarding the integration of one or more subwoofer, using a MiniDSP 2x4, to your average home theater setup. While the MiniDSP is a great platform to perform subwoofer equalization, this won't be discussed here in detail. Rather, I want to focus on how to:

  • Perform the actual connexions and setup of the MiniDSP and subs in the system
  • Use the MiniDSP as a splitter to simplify the setup for multiple subwoofers
  • Easily level-match multiple subs using the MiniDSP
  • Tweak the sub integration with the mains using the MiniDSP
  • Add a house curve on top of whatever EQing is performed by the AVR