UMA-8 USB mic array - V2.0

Circular USB microphone array, DSP processing for Beamforming, AEC, Noise reduction, 2ch and 8ch mode. Powered by XMOS XVF3000 new chipset
95 USD
UMA-8 enclosure
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The UMA-8 v2 is a high-performance yet low cost multichannel USB microphone array built around XMOS Vocal fusion series (XVF3000) with improved adaptive beamformer, full duplex AEC and barge-in, noise suppression, AGC. Seven high-performance MEMS microphones are configured in a circular arrangement to provide high-quality voice capture for a wide range of applications. Leveraging the onboard DSP processing, the UMA-8 supports voice algorithms including beamforming, noise reduction, acoustic echo cancellation and de-reverb. The UMA-8 is a fully compliant UAC2 audio interface with driverless support for Mac/Linux and ASIO drivers for Windows.

From DIYers to OEM, this pocket-size platform is engineered for flexibility in firmware, software and hardware. Precompiled firmware versions, expansion connectors providing connectivity for additional PDM microphones, I2S in/out expansion and GPIO... It’s all there to grow with your application!


  • Multichannel USB microphone array for voice command
  • Onboard DSP for beamforming/ noise reduction / echo cancellation / de-reverd / Direction of Arrival (DOA) / Voice Activaty Dectection (VAD)
  • 11 x RGB LED in ring configuration
  • High quality MEMS from Knowles SPH1668LM4H
  • Flexible Firmware (DSP mode @2ch beamformed, RAW mode @8ch audio from MEMS)
  • Step by step app notes for Google SDK, Alexa-Pi, Cortana, Siri, IBM Watson and Matlab. More coming up soon...
  • External enclosure is available here.


Product Downloads

What's in the box?

  • 1 x UMA-8 USB microphone array interface
  • Access to the UserDownloads section for drivers/firmware/GUI. 
  • 1 x 1.5m USB type B cable



uma 8 alexa photo

UMA-8 + RPi + nanoAVR for voice control of your AV system


Application notes on UMA-8 Microphone array

The miniDSP UMA-8 microphone array, with onboard direction detection, echo cancellation, and noise reduction, has a wide array of applications. In this app note we'll run through its use with Amazon's Alexa "personal virtual assistant" to build your own "Echo".

uma 8 alexa photo

UMA-8 + RPi + nanoAVR Demo

Follow our step by step app note to get Siri up and running with your UMA-8 microphone array.

uma 8 siri cortana siri


Make full use of UMA-8 beam forming capabilities with your Windows OS + Cortana. hey cortana

In this step by step app note, we walk through the steps to buid a chatbot with WATSON