UMA-8-SP USB mic array

USB microphone array + Digital Audio amplifier, DSP processing for Beamforming, AEC, Noise reduction, 2ch and 8ch mode
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UMA-8-SP USB mic array
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UMA-8-SP USB mic array

UMA-8-SP USB mic array : USB microphone array + Digital Audio amplifier, DSP processing for Beamforming, AEC, Noise reduction, 2ch and 8ch mode.
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USB Mic array

The UMA-8-SP is a high-performance USB microphone array paired with a digital audio amplifier. Seven high-performance MEMS microphones are configured in a circular arrangement to provide high-quality voice capture in farfield microphone applications such as AI assistants, conferencing, robotics…

Leveraging the onboard DSP processing from XMOS XVSM3000, the UMA-8-SP supports voice algorithms including beamforming, noise reduction, acoustic echo cancellation and de-reverb. The UMA-8-SP is a fully compliant UAC2 audio interface with driverless support for Mac/Linux and ASIO drivers for Windows. An onboard 2x15Wrms digital amplifier provides an all-in-one microphone array + amplifier integration. The perfect fit to build your own AI assistant or conferencing unit.

From DIYers to OEM, this pocket-size platform is engineered for flexibility in firmware, software and hardware. Feel free to contact miniDSP on how we can help kickstart your new project!


  • Multichannel USB microphone array for voice command powered by XMOS XVSM3000
  • Digital Audio Amplifier (2x15Wrms)
  • Onboard DSP for beamforming/ noise reduction / echo cancellation / de-reverb / Direction of Arrival (DOA) / Voice Activity Dectection (VAD)
  • Ring with 11 LED RGB
  • High quality MEMS from Knowles SPH1668LM4H
  • Flexible Firmware (DSP mode @2ch beamformed, RAW mode @8ch audio from MEMS)
  • Step by step app notes for Google SDK, Alexa-Pi, Cortana, Siri, IBM Watson and Matlab. More coming up soon...

UMA8 SP diagram

Product Downloads

What's in the box?

  • 1 x UMA-8-SP USB microphone array interface
  • Access to the drivers/firmware under the UserDownloads section once the product purchased
  • 1 x 1.5m USB type B cable


  • External 12V 3.5A Power supply


uma 8 alexa photo

UMA-8 + RPi + nanoAVR for voice control of your AV system


Item Description
USB streaming engine XMOS XSVM 3000 - Multicore USB audio processor with embedded DSP
USB audio capabilities USB audio recording in 2 possible modes depending on firmware:
- 8-channel mode (7 x MEMS installed + 1 x spare PDM port in the center)
- Stereo recording with DSP processing enabled
USB audio playback: Mono I2S channel for I2S out (e.g. external amplifier/DAC board.)
DSP processing (prebuilt firmware)
  • Beamforming with configurable beam width (up to 20dB attenuation)
  • Perceptual acoustic echo cancellation (up to 80dB attenuation)
  • Noise suppression (up to 20dB attenuation)
  • De-reverb ( up to 20dB attenuation)
UAC2.0 drivers

Driverless interface for Mac OS X v10.6.4 and up

Thesycon Windows ASIO driver (All versions)
Linux Alsa 2.0 compliant

Resolution / Sample rate 24bit @ 11/16/32/44.1/48 kHz
Amplifier output Stereo class D amplifier / 2x15Wrms amplifier output (Mono Audio Output)
>90% efficiency at full power.
MEMS microphones 7 x Knowles SPH1668LM4H with low noise buffer and high performance modulator
  • Low distortion: 1.6% @ 120 dB SPL
  • High SNR: 65 dB and flat frequency response
  • RF shielded against mobile interference
  • Ominidirectional pick-up pattern
LED 12 x RGB LED / Bottom mounted
Expansion connector 2 x 12-pin, 2 mm pitch expansion connector for connectivity to hardware.
Power supply USB powered  (Amplifier disabled) or +12VDC (Amplifier enabled)
Dimensions (diameter) mm 90 mm diameter / 20mm height with LED ring, 14mm height without LED ring
































Application notes on UMA-8 Microphone array

The miniDSP UMA-8 microphone array, with onboard direction detection, echo cancellation, and noise reduction, has a wide array of applications. In this app note we'll run through its use with Amazon's Alexa "personal virtual assistant" to build your own "Echo".

uma 8 alexa photo

UMA-8 + RPi + nanoAVR Demo

Follow our step by step app note to get Siri up and running with your UMA-8 microphone array.

uma 8 siri cortana siri


Make full use of UMA-8 beam forming capabilities with your Windows OS + Cortana. hey cortana

In this step by step app note, we walk through the steps to buid a chatbot with WATSON



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