Stereo AVB Amplifier 2x15Wrms, PoE+ powered, Onboard Sharc DSP, Plug&Play on MAC OSx with AVB support Array
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N-PW2 : Stereo AVB Amplifier 2x15Wrms, PoE+ powered, Onboard Sharc DSP, Plug&Play on MAC OSx with AVB support.
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Network Audio
 MG 5072

The NPW-2 is a PoE+ amplifier combining network audio streaming, class D amplification and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) into a pocket size enclosure. A single CAT5/6 network cable provides power, low latency audio and control for a true Plug&Play experience. The system consists of three key element:

  • The Audio Video Bridging (AVB) technology powered by a 500MHz XMOS processor which provides low latency, uncompressed and tightly synchronized streams to each speaker over standard networks. Thanks to its compliance with IEEE 1722.1, it is plug&play with 3rd party AVB devices such as Apple OSx, Biamp Systems, Audioscience, Echo Audio…   
  • An on-board 400 MHz Analog Devices SHARC processor also enables substantial signal processing for true high-resolution audio capability and equalization, crossover.
  • Finally, a novel multi-level switching audio amplifier technology provides 2x15W for powering up to 2 speakers.

With its Power Over Ethernet (POE) capability or external +12VDC supply, the NPW-2 is easily installed in a matter of minutes with limited knowledge

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  • Stereo Class D Amplifier (2x15Wrms)
  • PoE+ powered or External Power supply
  • Onboard Sharc DSP processor

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What's in the box?

  • 1 x NPW-2 AVB Amplifier interface
  • 1 x 1.5m Ethernet CAT5 cable

OPTION: External 12V power supply


Item Description
Digital Signal Processor 32-bit Floating point Analog Devices SHARC ADSP21489 / 400 MHz
USB / AVB Processor XMOS XCore200 for digital audio streaming
  • Asynchronous USB audio UAC2.0, Driverless for Mac OS X, ASIO driver for Windows platforms
  • Audio Video Bridging (AVB) streaming - Gigabit Ethernet
Digital audio input TOSLINK optical input. The input signal is processed by a high quality onboard Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter for compatibility with most common sample rates (20–216kHz)
Digital Audio amplifier

Dual channel amplifier for Master + Slave configuration.

2x15W RMS @ 8Ohm under +12V configuration
2x12W RMS  @ 8Ohm under PoE+ mode (power carried over CAT5/6)

DSP capabilities Crossover, PEQ, Matrix, Delay, Comp/lim. Please check user manual for more details.
Filter storage Four on-board presets, selectable by IP control
USB port USB port type Mini-B for audio streaming (USB audio firmware)
Real time control and firmware upgrade
Power supply 12 VDC single supply (optional if PoE powered)
PoE/PoE+ powered
Dimensions (H  x W x D) mm 55 x 100 x 77mm / 0.4kg
Enclosure / Finish Metal enclosure, black textured paint




Application notes on N-DAC8

How to get started?

The NDAC8 is a plug&play interface for Mac OSx platforms. The interface is discovered exactly as per a USB audio interface in the Audio and Midi device dialog box. 


Plug&Play Discovery on Mac OSx

7.1 layout

Configuring a 7.1 layout on Mac OSx

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