Complete AVB kit to get started streaming audio
270 USD
AVB-SW PoE+ option
AVB-DG module count
PoE option for AVB-DG
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The AVB-DGK is a complete plug&play kit to get started on your mission to stream uncompressed audio over networks. The kit consists of 1 x AVB-SW and 2 (or more) AVB-DG for audio endpoints.

For a complete details of each configuration, please consult the respective product pages of the AVB-DG and AVB-SW.


  • Low cost AVB dongle
  • Small form factor, low power
  • XMOS XS1-L16 128QFN
  • Microchip 32 bit MCU coprocessor
  • JTAG for custom programming

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What's in the box?

  • 1 x AVB-SW module
  • 2 x AVB-DG module
  • 3 x Ethernet cable

Optional Accessories

  • PoE option + for switch
  • 4 x AVB-DG module
  • PoE option for the AVB-DG

Application notes on AVB-DG Kit



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