miniSHARC 4x8 plug-in

Plug-in for the miniSHARC kit supports for FIR and IIR filters. Runs at 48 or 96kHz.
10 USD
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The miniSHARC 4x8 plug-in is a DSP configuration for the miniSHARC platforms. Fitted with the ability to process FIR filter banks, the plug-in also packs the most important algorithms. At the input side, a selection between the stereo mode (2 channels separate), mono left or mono right (input duplicated to both channels) allows for a wide range of applications such as room correction, custom FIR filters or 2 way FIR processed crossovers.

This plug-in is available in 2 configurations both provided under the purchase of one plug-in.

  • 48kHz processing (Max 9600 taps total / Max 2048 per ch)
  • 96kHz processing (Max 3400 taps / Max 2048 per ch)

Technical details

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Once a plug-in purchased, the download will automatically become available under your UserDownloads section. Please make sure to read the user manual for more details.

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