Flex Dirac Live upgrade

Dirac Live 3.x Upgrade for the miniDSP Flex/Flex Eight series, Online activation from Device Console software. Array
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Flex Dirac Live upgrade
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Flex Dirac Live upgrade

Flex Dirac Live upgrade : Dirac Live 3.x Upgrade for the miniDSP Flex/Flex Eight series, Online activation from Device Console software. .
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Dirac Live upgrades


Upgrade is now purchased and activated directly from the newest Device Console software. Please read from below for step by step. . 

The miniDSP Flex can be upgraded to run stereo (two-channel) Dirac Live® room correction for full range correction (20~20kHz) for 199USD. This requires an additional purchase for the Dirac Live license. You can either purchase the miniDSP Flex with Dirac Live already activated, or purchase the Dirac Live upgrade at a later time from within the Device Console. Refer to the instructions here to upgrade your unit to a Flex DL from the Device Console.

To purchase the Dirac Live upgrade, click on Convert to Flex DL in the Device Console sidebar:

Upgrade to Flex (DL)

Read the information and warning notices and click through if you wish to proceed.

The upgrade is a two-step process: 1. purchase; 2. activate.

Dirac Live upgrade purchase page - miniDSP Flex

1. Purchase the Dirac Live upgrade

Click on BUY UPGRADE. A browser window will open on Enter your payment details and click Pay.

miniDSP purchase Dirac Live upgrade

The Stripe payment page redirects to an acknowledgement screen:

miniDSP purchase Dirac Live upgrade

You will also receive an email receipt.


After you press the Buy Upgrade button, miniDSP Device Console will wait for an acknowledgement from the payment system. If you decide not to proceed with the upgrade, click the back-arrow button near the top left of the purchase screen and the Device Console will return to normal operation.

Cancel Dirac Live upgrade

If you just close the payment window, Device Console will wait 30 minutes for the acknowledgement; in that case, quit and restart the Device Console application.

2. Activate the Dirac Live upgrade

After payment completes, return to the miniDSP Device Console window. You will see acknowledgement of successful payment:

miniDSP purchase Dirac Live upgrade

Click OK to return to the upgrade screen.

Dirac Live upgrade purchase page - miniDSP Flex

Click on RETRIEVE KEY ONLINE to retrieve the activation key. Then click ACTIVATE to activate the upgrade on your Flex.


Retrieving the activation key online requires an active Internet connection. If you have a device that needs to be activated while offline, save the activation key file that was attached to the purchase acknowledgement email onto a USB stick. On the device to be activated, click LOAD FROM FILE and select the file from the USB stick.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The UMIK-1/2 are measurement microphones approved by Dirac Research and not included in the price of this upgrade. Knowing the major effect a wrong calibration/measurement would have on the final results of Dirac Live tuning, we strongly recommend that you select a UMIK-1/2 microphone together with your platform for a plug&play experience leading to best results. Any issues related to 3rd party microphones such as ASIO/USB audio driver incompatibility/Latency problems or incorrect calibration process will not be under our support structure by our support team. 

dirac 2 graph 

Product Downloads for miniDSP Device Console

Techdata and app notes

What's included?

  • Access to our upgrade software tools to upgrade your unit
  • 1 x Dirac Live 3.0 License for miniDSP devices - Full Range correction 


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