Stereo Graphic EQ plug-in

A two way stereo crossover plug-in for miniDSP kits. 31 band graphic EQ, crossover feature.
(Not working with 2x4HD series)
10 USD
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Digital crossover is a stereo digital crossover plug-in for the MiniDSP kits. Loaded with two 31 bands equalizers, low and high pass filter , per channel delay (up to 7.5ms) and gain adjustments, it is a a perfect fit for all bi-amped applications or as an audio processor for small PA systems. Digital crossover in a 3" format with double precision (56bit) algorithms has never been so cost effective!

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011
This is the simplest of the plug-ins. Very quick to set-up for a two way X-over and adequate for the majority of applications.\r\nHas the basic features that most want. For those wishing to have finer contol, go for the Advanced plug-in.\r\nAs with all DSP crossovers, its best to put the volume control after the DSP (4 gang pot) and run the DSP at near max level with an additional fixed attenuator in the HF output. This results in the best S/N ratio in both DAC channels.
Juha-Matti Kaasalainen