miniDSP 8x8 kit

miniDSP 8xin, 8xout Digital Audio signal processor platform Array
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miniDSP 8x8 kit
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miniDSP 8x8 kit

miniDSP 8x8 kit : miniDSP 8xin, 8xout Digital Audio signal processor platform.
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miniDSP Kits

miniDSP 8x8 kit is an enhanced and innovative platform from the miniDSP Team. Combining high quality audio algorithms, 24bit digital audio, high specs ADC/DAC converters along with its flexible analog and digital sections, this platform follows the footsteps of our successful line of low cost audio processors. With balanced or un-balanced audio for both inputs & outputs, up to 8 channels of active processing can be configured as required thanks to the internal matrix mixer.

STOCK UPDATE(06/09/2021): Unfortunately this kit product is out of stock. We unfortunately don't have a specific timeline for units to get back in stock due to chipset shortage. 


  • DIY/OEM friendly platform
  • Configurable by software
  • Plug-In based configurations
  • 172MHz - 28/56bit DSP
  • 24bit ADC / DAC
  • 48/96kHz sample rate
  • 114dB DR ADC converters
  • 114dB DR DAC converters
  • Balanced & Unbalanced connectivity on RCA and terminal blocks
  • I2S In & Out connectivity for miniDIGI/miniAMP boards


8x8 kit

Product Downloads

Control Software (Included in purchase)

Once a plug-in purchased, the download will automatically become available under your UserDownloads section. Please make sure to read the user manual for more details.

What's in the box?

  • miniDSP 8 x 8 Kit, assembled and tested
  • All phoenix terminal block for audio inputs/outputs and DC connection
  • 1 x miniUSB cable
  • 1 x 12V universal power supply
  • 1 x 10x10HD plugin user downloads under your UserDownloads section

Optional Accessories


Digital Signal Processor Engine Analog Devices Fixed point DSP

Internal Processing resolution
& Sample rate

28-56 bit / 48~96 kHz

Input/Ouput Configuration

8 in / 8 out

Audio Input Connectivity

Balanced (Phoenix Terminal Block) OR
Unbalanced (RCA) inputs

Audio Output Connectivity

Balanced (Phoenix Terminal Block) AND
Unbalanced (RCA) outputs

Input / Output Max Levels

IN: Unbalanced: 2Vrms (RCA), 4Vrms (Phoenix)
Balanced: 8Vrms (Phoenix)
OUT: Unbalanced: 2Vrms (RCA), 4Vrms (Phoenix)
Balanced: 8Vrms (Phoenix)

Input Impendance
Unbalanced: 10 kΩ / Balanced 100 kΩ
Output Impedance Unbalanced: 560 Ω / Balanced: 1.12 k (560  each signal pin)

Calibration Software

miniDSP 8x8 plug-in
Filtering Technology IIR
DSP Presets
Dimensions 30 x 200 x 253 mm
Power External 12V supply
Compatible Boards DIGI-FP, VoL-FP
Impulse Response Correction
Infrared Remote Learning
Win/Mac Compatible
UMIK-1 Included
Bass Management
Room EQ Wizard Support

Application notes on miniDSP 8x8 Kit

In this application note, we show you how to use miniDSP to properly integrate a subwoofer into your system

In this app note we will show you how to equalize a surround sound or home theater system using the miniDSP 10x10 Hd. This unit has eight channels of analog input, eight channels of analog output, one stereo digital input, and one stereo digital output. Whether you have a traditional 4.0 quadraphonic surround sound setup, a 5.1 setup, or a 7.1 setup, the 10x10 Hd will fit into your system. Alternatively, if you are into DIY, you can use the 8x8 kit 

So besides taking down walls, moving your sofa around the room 5 times or considering changing the color of your speaker cable, there are few tricks which can help you improve the overall system performance. Digital audio processors like our MiniDSP Kit are one of them. Thanks to their configuration flexibility, they provide a low cost option to configure audio filters, equalizers and signal monitoring from a simple software interface.

 8x8 car audio

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