miniDSP Balanced 2x4

MiniDSP Balanced 2x4, a low cost Digital Signal Processor for audio applications. Balanced in/out in a tiny form factor.
115 USD
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miniDC for Car Audio
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miniDSP Balanced 2x4 is an innovative low cost and low power Digital Signal Processor in a pocket size form factor. With our revolutionary "one platform, many configuration" concept, miniDSP kits gives un-paralleled flexibility to engineers & A/V designers at a fraction of the cost of typical alternatives. May it be a source mixer or a multi-way digital crossover it will be up to your imagination to configure it the way you see fit.

Targeting balanced audio applications, the miniDSP balanced 2x4 provides various digital signal processing algorithms such as graphic and parametric equalizers, mixers, crossovers, delay.. depending on the selected plug-in. Built and engineered with a combination of low noise electronic parts along with double precision audio algorithms, the end results is low cost DSP unit that stands out in its superior performance as well as its affordability.

Compared to the miniDSP 2x4, the miniDSP Balanced 2x4 allows for balanced input & output connectivity and higher output gain. In order to fit most gain configurations, a single jumper change is all it takes to toggle the input sensitivity.


  • 28/56bit DSP Engine
  • 24 bit ADC/DAC resolution
  • 48kHz sampling rate
  • Balanced inputs, Balanced outputs on plug-in terminal blocks
  • Nichicon Muse Audiophile capacitors
  • Plug&Play USB driver and Software configurable for real time configuration by miniDSP plug-ins
  • Device does not required to be connected to PC once configured
  • Single 12V DC power on terminal block connector
  • Aluminum enclosure
  • CE/FCC certified - ROHS compliant

Product Downloads

Compatible software plug-in (1 x Free plugin purchase included)

Once a plug-in purchased, the download will automatically become available under your UserDownloads section. Please make sure to read the user manual for more details.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x MiniDSP balanced 2x4 in metal enclosure
  • All phoenix connectors for input, output and DC supply
  • 1 x Coupon code for 1 x plugin redeem included in shipment. 
  • 1 x shielded USB cable

Optional Accessories

  • 1 x 12VDC external DC supply (at least 150mA) / Available as Option here on our website in the drop down menu.
  • Some Adaptor (e.g RCA to Phoenix or XLR to phoenix) can easily be assembled with a screwdriver
(Please note that the hardware only work with the miniDSP 2x4 plug-ins, not 2x4 HD plugins)
Digital Signal Processor Engine Analog Devices Fixed point DSP

Internal Processing resolution
& Sample rate

24-56 bit / 48 kHz

Input/Ouput Configuration

2 in / 4 out

Audio Input Connectivity

Balanced, plug-in terminal block type

Audio Output Connectivity

Balanced, plug-in terminal block type

Input / Output Max Levels

IN: 4Vrms / 1.8Vrms (jumper–selectable)
OUT: 2Vrms / 4Vrms (jumper-selectable)

Input Impedance 47 kΩ
Output Impedance 1.12 kΩ(560  Ω each signal pin)
Calibration Software miniDSP 2x4 plug-ins
Filtering Technology IIR
DSP Presets -
Dimensions 41.5 x 146 x 105.5mm
Power External 12V supply
Impulse Response Correction
Infrared Remote Learning
Win/Mac Compatible
UMIK-1 Included
Bass Management
Room EQ Wizard Support

Application notes on miniDSP 2x4 Balanced

In this application note, we will show you how to design an active 2-way loudspeaker. 3-way and 4-way speakers are an extension of the approach described here.

In this application note, we show you how to use miniDSP to properly integrate a subwoofer into your system.

In this application note, we show you how to use Room EQ Wizard (REW) and its integration with miniDSP to equalize your subwoofer.


Tuesday, 09 September 2014
I used two 2x4 units in my car audio build to control front and rear plus subwoofer. I can't believe how much this has transformed my system. Using these with REW for calibration and tuning has turned an OK system into something I crave to listen to. The ability to tune individual speakers with PEQ filters and time alignment makes this a must-have for any car audio installation. Small and compact units also make installation simple and flexible. The multiple software plugins fit about every need.
Mark Lawson
Thursday, 09 August 2012
This unit is great. I am using it in a a sound reinforcement application and find that have up to 20 parametric filters with a q of up to 50 gives the capability to tune live PA systems with good accuracy. Would recommend this product. To noise to be heard of and sound quality seem great!
Yoli Gallagher

miniDSP 2x4 Balanced (March 2016)

In this great article, Gene goes at great length to optimize the Audioholics Showcase theater room by tuning multiple subs. A great review complemented by measurements and a youtube video. Make sure to check it out!

Bass nirvana was finally achieved in the Audioholics Showcase theater room system through multi-sub plus equalization through the mDSP device. I now have smooth, even, tight, extended bass for EVERY SEAT, not just a couple of preferred seats.

Gene DellaSala from

audioholics reviews