Software plugin for DDRC-88A for bass management, Dirac Live and multi-way speaker crossover in a box!
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The DDRC-88BM plug-in extends the capabilities of the DDRC-88A multichannel Dirac Live® processor. 100% compatible with all DDRC-88A units in the field, the DDRC-88BM adds comprehensive fine-grained bass management and crossover capabilities. The input signals are low-pass filtered and summed to generate the subwoofer signal; a matrix mixer routes or mixes these channels for the Dirac Live® algorithm, which in turn has its outputs routed or mixed to the output channels, where additional high/low pass and parametric filtering takes place. In addition to improved bass management for conventional home theater signal paths, the DDRC-88BM allows innovative solutions like multi-subwoofer control and combined DRC/active loudspeaker setups.

NOTE: This product offering is for the DDRC-88BM software plugin only. A DDRC-88A must be purchased separately to operate this plugin correctly.


88BM structure


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What's in the box?

  • 1 x Software license of the DDRC-88BM for the control of 1xDDRC-88A

Application notes on DDRC-88A

The Dirac Series of high-resolution audio processors from miniDSP incorporating Dirac Live® are an advanced hardware/software solution for digital room correction (DRC). In this application note, we'll give a quick run-down on how to use one. We'll assume that you've already obtained your Dirac Live software license and installed the Dirac Live Calibration tool for miniDSP software.

dirac series umik

This short app note gives a worked example of the gain structure optimization procedure described in the DDRC-88A User Manual.

ddrc 88a gain output

In this app note, we will show you how to use multiple subwoofers with the DDRC-88A.

ddrc 88a multisub dual powered

In this app note, we will show you how to use the DDRC-88A to apply Dirac Live® room correction in multiple rooms. In this app note we will assume that there are four stereo zones to be set up.

ddrc 88a multizone zone1measure

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miniDSP DDRC-88BM review (Oct 2016)

When Wayne Myers takes on the task of reviewing a product, you know he will take the time to dig deep every single features of the product! Here again, we're very fortunate to see an inside out review of the benefits of the DDRC-88A + Bass management plugin. Check it out!

Once in awhile you come across a piece of audio gear that acts as nothing short of a Value Multiplier for your system. The miniDSP DDRC-88A with Dirac Live plus BM firmware and plugin for Bass Management is a Value Multiplier if I ever heard one, Approach it with patience, Get to know its capabilities. Adopt it into your audio gear family with care, and it will reward you with refined soundstage, imaging, impact, clarity, and detail that might just kick your system’s asset level right into the extreme envy category. Count on the perceived value to be multiplied at least several times. Don’t fall in love, your 88BM is just a box of electronics. Do prepare to be spoiled, though, that much is unavoidable. And don’t feel guilty about the envy of your audio buddies, send them a link to the miniDSP site, there are plenty of 88BMs to go around''

Wayne Myers @ HomeTheaterShack