2x4HD to DDRC-24 upgrade

Dirac Live upgrade for the miniDSP 2x4HD, provides all the ability of the DDRC-24 with a simple firmware upgrade
245 USD
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This software package is an infield software upgrade to update a miniDSP 2x4 HD unit to a DDRC-24 with Dirac Live support. Please refer to the DDRC-24 User Manual to update your miniDSP 2x4 HD (p.13). Note, this package does NOT include the cost of the miniDSP 2x4 HD platform. It's for existing owner of a miniDSP 2x4 HD platform looking to update to the Dirac Live capabilities.

What's included?

  • Access to our upgrade software tools to update your miniDSP 2x4 HD
  • 1 x Full Dirac software license - Requires a UMIK-1 to perform the measurements.

WARNING: The activation of a Dirac Live license is a "manual" process that typically requires 24-48h during "working hours" from Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm HK Time zone. Thanks for your patience.

About the DDRC-24

The miniDSP  DDRC-24 is the world’s smallest Dirac Live® hardware processor. Dirac Live®, the world’s premier room correction solution, is now available in an unbelievably compact hardware unit. Powered by a 400 MHz Analog Devices SHARC processor, the DDRC-24 retains the 4-channel output of its sister unit, the miniDSP 2x4 Hd, in order to allow applications like subwoofer integration or even 2-way loudspeakers together with Dirac Live® room correction in a single tiny hardware platform. The matrix mixer and crossover functionality is accessed and programmed with miniDSP’s easy-to-use interface software. An all in one unit with USB DAC + Dirac Live Room Correction + Speaker processing.

I/O capabilities get an upgrade too, with the addition of USB audio streaming up to 192 kHz and a TOSLINK digital input. The miniDSP DDRC-24 will find application in full-sized hifi and home theater systems, on desktops, in cars, in recording studios anywhere a compact, powerful room correction processor is needed.

NOTE: The DDRC-24  requires a UMIK-1 to perform measurements of the room. Make sure to add it to your selection if you don't already own one.

Key features

DDRC 24 sub 

Brief specifications

Processor 32-bit Floating point Analog Devices SHARC ADSP21489 / 400 MHz
Input/output resolution 32 bits
Channel count 2 in, 4 out
Maximum input sample rate 216 kHz
Internal operating sample rate 48 kHz


Techdata and app notes

Step by step activation

  1.  Start the DDRC-24 plugin if it is not already running. Click the Connect button (towards the top right)
  2. The following screen will appear:
  3. Copy Activation Code to Clipboard.
  4. Send an email message with the Subject line “DDRC-24 Activation Request.” In the body of the email message, paste the activation code.
  5. You will receive an automated key file (.txt file)
  6. Click the “Import” button and select the received activation key file to import into the plugin.
  7. The Connect button will change to show that you are connected to the DDRC-24:


Please make sure to refer to the DDRC-24 User Manual for exact steps.

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