C-DSP 8x12 DL

Dirac Live powered Digital Audio Processor for Mobile/Car audio installations, 32bit floating point SHARC ADSP21489 @ 400MHz, 8x12 I/O, 32bit converters, Remote for Preset/Master & Sub volume control
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C-DSP 8x12 DL
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C-DSP 8x12 DL

C-DSP 8x12 DL : Dirac Live powered Digital Audio Processor for Mobile/Car audio installations, 32bit floating point SHARC ADSP21489 @ 400MHz, 8x12 I/O, 32bit converters, Remote for Preset/Master & Sub volume control.
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Car Audio

miniDSP is proud to introduce the new flagship C-DSP 8x12 DL in-car digital audio processor. Dirac Live® room correction, a 400 MHz SHARC floatingpoint processor and 32-bit AKM converters with –107 dB THD+N specification deliver pristine high-resolution audio in any cabin environment. Comprehensive I/O includes six differential low-level analog inputs for low noise pickup, high-level inputs for connection to head units with power amplification, and stereo SPDIF and TOSLINK digital inputs. On the output side, 12 RCA outputs combined with a full eight channels of Dirac Live processing make the C-DSP 8x12 DL adaptable for active crossover systems as well as multichannel/surround installations with subwoofer integration.

Also included is miniDSP’s powerful, easy-to-use audio processing: parametric EQ, compressors, adjustable time delay, crossovers up to 48 dB/octave, and an advanced matrix mixer with rear/center capability. Four complete configurations are stored in flash memory for recall with a wired or infrared remote. Hardware features dedicated to the vehicle environment include an on-board isolated power supply, remote trigger input/output, a wired remote for dash or console mounting and a microSD card slot for offline configuration.


  • 400MHz 32bit Sharc Floating point processor
  • Dirac Live technology helps tune your cabin environment
  • 32bit DAC/ADC chipsets
  • THD+N 0.0007%, 115dB SNR
  • Digital and analog inputs (Low/High levels), 12 analog outputs
  • Flexible DSP processing blocks, Rear Fill processing (L-R, L+R..) thanks to internal matrix
  • Fully differential balanced inputs
  • Windows/Mac compatible GUI
  • Remote control or preset/master & sub volume control

CDSP 8x12 DL diagram

Product Downloads

What's in the Box?

  • 1 x C-DSP 8x12 DL processor
  • 1 x Dirac Live license
  • 1 x 1m USB cable
  • 1 x UMIK-1 (if option selected in shopping cart)
  • 1 x Control GUI plugin provided automatically under UserDownloads section on purchase
  • 1 x 5m remote cable + OLED Remote control module
  • 1 x C-DSP 8x12 DL plugin license

NOTE: The UMIK-1/2 are measurement microphones approved by Dirac Research. Knowing the major effect a wrong calibration/measurement would have on the final results of Dirac Live tuning, we strongly recommend that you select a UMIK-1/2 microphone together with your platform for a plug&play experience leading to best results. Any issues related to 3rd party microphones such as ASIO/USB audio driver incompatibility/Latency problems or incorrect calibration process will not be under our support structure by our support team. 

Digital Signal Processor Engine Analog Devices ADSP21489 floating point DSP
Converters 32bit AK4456(DAC), 32bit AK5556(ADC)

Internal Processing resolution
& Sample rate

32 bit / 48 kHz with Dirac live processing

Input/Ouput Configuration

8 in / 12 out

Audio Input Connectivity

High level (6 terminal block), Low level unbalanced (6 RCA)
Stereo Digital Inputs: SPDIF (RCA), Toslink (optical)
Supported ASRC: 44.1~192kHz

Audio Output Connectivity

12 x RCA connector
115dB SNR, THD+N 0.0007%

Input / Output Max Levels

IN: 8 or 12 Vrms on high level / 4 or 2Vrms on low level input
OUT: 4.5Vrms

Input Impedance High level: 68Ω / Low level: 10 kΩ
Output Impedance 560 Ω 
Calibration Software C-DSP 8x12 DL plug-in
Filtering Technology Dirac Live® + miniDSP speaker processing toolbox
DSP Presets Up to 4 presets
Dimensions 41 x 205 x 122 mm
Power Isolated DC-DC conversion for Car Audio environment
Impulse Response Correction
Infrared Remote Learning
Win/Mac Compatible
UMIK-1 Included
Bass Management
Room EQ Wizard Support

Application notes

This app note describes how to implement an active speaker and Dirac Live room correction in a single box.

miniDSP's multichannel audio processors with Dirac Live room correction can implement advanced multiway active speakers. Any number of "ways" and speakers can be implemented up to the number of output channels:

  • C-DSP 8x12 DL. 12 output channels.

  • Harmony DSP 8x12. The Harmony DSP 8x12 includes power amplification, and can also use external amplification if more power is needed. 12 output channels.


Tuesday, 01 December 2020
Absolutely amazing DSP! The manual makes setting up the system pretty easy if you're familiar with the basic comp pretty straightforward. The Dirac Live (DL) software used to be a little harder to use and did some unexpected things, but this seems to be mostly resolved in DL version 3 (I blew a pair of $200 tweeters because the master volume in the DL software changed while navigating through tabs without me knowing. Now there is a "lock" volume feature that makes this less likely). This is not a "plug and play" system that DL will make sound amazing out of the box, but requires the user to have some knowledge of how the basics of tuning a stereo system are performed if you want it to sound even close to as good as its potential if you're using it for active multi-way speakers, which you probably are if you're installing this in your car. This basically involves using free REW software to EQ each speaker driver, level match and time align the drivers in each speaker, etc. so DL is set up for success in working its magic. The manual does an OK job of describing this process, but I had to do a lot of reading in the forums to really dial things in to the point that my system sounds absolutely fantastic. (I had little car audio knowledge before buying this, so others may not need to do as much digging). The miniDSP development team is very engaged and involved in and supporting this product, which is awesome. Updates are released frequently and they are very active in the forums. It's great to see they are dedicated to providing the best car audio DSP solution possible.
Tuesday, 08 September 2020
Pretty amazing piece of gear. Make sure you look at the correct instructions and follow them in detail. I've only done one calibration so far, and it was a huge improvement over the active crossover & EQ it replaced. My system is tri-amped, with about 1kw of rms power, and it sounds clean, & crystal clear, with tight bass even at ridiculously high output levels.