USB Reference Measurement Microphone, 32bit/44.1~192kHz, ASIO drivers, 1/2" capsule, Low noise floor, Unique Calibration file, REW integration Array
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UMIK-2 : USB Reference Measurement Microphone, 32bit/44.1~192kHz, ASIO drivers, 1/2" capsule, Low noise floor, Unique Calibration file, REW integration.
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Acoustic Measurement Tools

MiniDSP is pleased to introduce the UMIK-2, its second-generation omni-directional acoustic measurement microphone. The UMIK-2 has everything that made the first-generation UMIK-1 one of our best selling products, including a convenient plug-and-play USB connection and a unique calibration file for each microphone to ensure accuracy.

However, the UMIK-2 is also a significant upgrade in performance and functionality. A larger 1/2-inch microphone capsule provides lower noise and lower distortion, which is preserved by the 32-bit ADC (analog-to-digital convertor) built into the microphone shell. Furthermore, sample rates are selectable from 44.1 to 192 kHz for compatibility with the widest possible range of measurement and recording software.

The UMIK-2 is of course fully compatible with REW (Room EQ Wizard) and Dirac Live (version 3 and later). Driverless operation with macOS, Linux, Android and iOS, and a supplied ASIO driver for Windows ensure simple integration into many other measurement and recording applications. With the UMIK-2, miniDSP once agains stretch the limits of affordable acoustic measurement gear.  Let the measurement fun begin!


  • USB Audio Reference Measurement Microphone
  • Unique calibration file for each microphone
  • 1/2" capsule on 60 UNS thread
  • 32bit 44.1~192kHz recording, Custom Windows ASIO drivers and Plug&Play on Linux/Mac OSx
  • Low noise floor preamps, 120DR ADC
  • Plug&Play compatible with wide range of software, including REW & Dirac Live platforms

Product Downloads

What's in the box?

  • 1 x UMIK-2 microphone
  • 1 x shielded USB type C cable (2m)
  • 1 x mini Tripod + Mic Clamp
  • 1 x wind screen

Unique Calibration File Download

All UMIK-2 are calibrated with a unique calibration file. In addition, a unique auto-generated 90-degree calibration file. To download the calibration files, look for the 7 digit Serial Number found on the body of the microphone.

  1. Enter the serial number in the form below (three digits then four digits e.g. 810-XXXX).
  2. Your calibration files will automatically download in most browsers. If not, click on the links provided to manually download.

Calibration file download

Serial number:    -

Which calibration file should I use and where to point the UMIK-2?

We provide two calibration files to be used depending on your application.

- For stereo system (e.g. 2ch dirac live, single speaker measurement), use the 0deg file and point the UMIK-2 at the speakers
- For multichannel system (E.g. 5.1/7.1) or a surround application where multiple speakers are spreadout around the room, use the 90deg file and point the UMIK-2 at the ceiling.


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Recommended by our Friends

The miniDSP team built long term relationships with the following leading software applications and is proud to showcase them as our recommeded software solutions:

REW: miniDSP once agains partners with John Mulcahy to develop even greater compatibility for the UMIK-2 inside REW! With the latest REW version (Beta , the UMIK-2 is automatically recognized by the software and prompted for use when REW is started with the microphone plugged in.

UMIK 2 detected.

Dirac Live: Dirac Live (3.x and up) also supports plug&play integration with the UMIK-2 for best measurement accuracy.





Item Description
USB Audio Controller XMOS 500MHz multicore processor, USB Audio Class 2 (UAC2)

32bit ADC with embedded PGA for up to 60dB analog gain
120dB SNR, Gain control via Mac/Win application


1/2” Low noise Pre-polarized condenser on 60UNS thread
Sensitivity: -34 dBfs @ 0dB Gain (94 dB SPL. 1 kHz)
Noise level: -105.3dBfs (A) @ 0 dB gain
MAX SPL(0dBfs): 125dB SPL
Equivalent Input Noise (EIN): 20dB SPL @ 0dB gain

Connectivity USB 2.0 streaming, USB Type C connector

As a standard USB audio microphone, UMIK-2 is compatible with any software. The following proven platforms with plug&play integration.
- Room EQ Wizard freeware for acoustic measurements
- Dirac Live Room Correction software

USB Audio

Mac OSx/Linux/Android Driverless
ASIO compatible driver for Windows via miniDSP's UAC2 drivers
iOS support with USB camera adaptor


1 x miniTRIPOD with microphone clamp
1 x windscreen
1 x USB 2m long usb cable

Dimensions (W x D) / Weight 21 x 185 mm, 150g
Construction Aluminum body
Sunday, 28 March 2021
I stumbled across miniDSP as I looked for REW-compatible measurement microph and updated the firmware. Finally, I downloaded the newest beta version of REW, opened it and the UMIK-2 was immediately recognized. Over the course of a morning, I measured and tweaked all three systems using the UMIK - finding and addressing the audio issues that I just couldn't quite put my finger on. If you are an audio enthusiast, this is a great a great tool to have in your toolkit. Solid c. Current generation USB-C connector on base of microphone. Easy to download calibration file. Excellent integration with REW software. Most important, solid audio measurement results - exactly what I needed.
Mark Wesolowski