Wifi/Ethernet to USB bridge, 2.4GHz router, 5V USB powered, Android/IoS app control Array
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WI-DG : Wifi/Ethernet to USB bridge, 2.4GHz router, 5V USB powered, Android/IoS app control.
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The WI-DG is a Wifi/Ethernet to USB bridge that is pre-configured for Plug&Play discovery and control over IP networks. The Wi-DG is a tiny adaptor that interfaces to the USB port of a miniDSP hardware unit and acts as a Wi-Fi to USB bridge. Supported miniDSP plugins transparently detect and communicate with the miniDSP via the Wi-DG, enabling control and configuration over the network. Normally, the computer running the appropriate miniDSP plugin is connected directly to the miniDSP hardware unit using a USB cable. With the Wi-DG, however, the computer connects using Wi-Fi in 2 possible modes of operations: Station mode or Access Point mode. Please check out the user manual for more details. 

Last but not least, all below supported platform can be controlled by miniDSP's free IoS/Android platform for basic control of Preset/Master Volume and active source. Check out our application note for more details. 

WARNING: The WIDG is only compatilbe with miniDSP plugins. Unfortunately it can't be used with Dirac Live software for control. Also note that only ONE WIDG can be used in a system at a time. Using multiple unit can lead to some unknown configurations. 


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  • 2.4GHz b/g/n Wifi Router (Access point/Station Mode)
  • Ethernet/Wifi control of miniDSP platforms over plugin/apps

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What's in the box?

  • 1 x WI-DG interface
  • 1 x 1m microUSB cable
  • 1 x USB power supply with US/UK/EU plugs (removed on 17May2021)

Supported plugins (IP field & Self discovery)

  • miniDSP 2x4HD (Available)
  • SHD series (available)
  • Flex (Available)
  • Flex Eight (Requires fw v0.95 upgrade)
  • DDRC-24 (Available)
  • miniDSP 2x8/8x8/4x10/10x10 (Available)
  • nanoDIGI 2x8 (Available)
  • C-DSP 6x8 (Available) 
  • C-DSP 8x12 (Available)
  • OpenDRC series (Available)
  • DDRC-22 series (Future)
  • DDRC-88A/D (Available) 
  • SHD series (Available)

Setting up WI-DG with your Android/IoS app

Check out our step by step application note to control your miniDSP unit via Android/IoS app. 

Android IOS miniDSP 3

Item Description
Processor 580MHz CPU - 2.4GHz Wi-Fi b/g/n
Capabilities Ethernet/Wifi bridging of control commands to USB powered miniDSP devices
Standards IEEE® 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
Supported miniDSP platforms Please check our product page for updated support

Access Point mode: Acts like a Wifi access point with its own Wifi SSID

Station mode: Joins an existing Wifi network to easily integrate an existing setup


Web enabled GUI , Self discovery of miniDSP platform on network


USB host USB 2.0 port to connect to miniDSP platform
Power supply 5V microUSB port powered
Dimensions (H  x W x D) mm 67.4 x 24 x 74 mm
Weight 100g