Phoenix to XLR male set

Phoenix to XLR male connector for outputs of 2x8, 8x8, 4x10, 10x10, DDRC-88A
30 USD
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This product is for a complete set (i.e. total 8x XLR connectors) of Phoenix to XLR Male adaptors. This adaptor cable allows easy interfacing to XLR connection for the output section of the folowing products: 

  • miniDSP 2x8
  • miniDSP 8x8
  • miniDSP 4x10
  • miniDSP 10x10
  • miniDSP DDRC-88A

Cable is about 30cm long. If one requires a longer cable to connect to its amplifier, you could easily connect an XLR to XLR patch cable. 

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