Take charge of your Home Theater

Introducing the miniDSP Home Theater Series of 8-channel HDMI audio processors for home theater tuning. Bass management and parametric EQ, or Dirac Live® digital room correction.

Home Theater Series of 8-channel HDMI audio processors

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The Home Theater Series of 8-channel HDMI* audio processors are designed to help you take your home theater system to the next level. Choose from the nanoAVR HD high-resolution processor with powerful bass management and parametric equalization, or the nanoAVR DL incorporating Dirac Live® digital room correction from Dirac Research. Each in a remarkably compact and surprisingly affordable package.

Home Theater Series from miniDSP and Dirac Research - benefits

* Requires uncompressed linear PCM from HDMI source — encoded bitstream audio is not supported.



Take Charge

Modern A/V receivers pack in so much functionality that something important is easily lost: user control. Reclaim your right to manage your own audio path — powerful parametric equalization and flexible bass management on the nanoAVR HD, or full user control over target curves and frequency correction range in the nanoAVR DL. Store up to four fully configured audio presets onboard and select them with an infrared remote*.

Home Theater Series from miniDSP and Dirac Research - filter design screens

* Remote not included. nanoAVR HD and nanoAVR DL include remote control code learning feature.



Be impulsive

The Dirac Live® algorithm built into the nanoAVR DL corrects not only in frequency but also in time, across the whole seating area. The time correction is based on what is called the impulse response. Translation: the sound from all speakers arrives at your ears as if from a perfect set of loudspeakers in a perfect room. Imaging. Clarity. Realism.

Home Theater Series from miniDSP and Dirac Research - impulse response


Do it right

Accurate home theater setup needs accurate acoustic measurement. Don't leave it to chance — the typical puck supplied with most equipment doesn't cut it. An individually calibrated measurement microphone is a must, so we recommend a miniDSP UMIK-1 with your nanoAVR HD or nanoAVR DL*.

Home Theater Series from miniDSP and Dirac Research - UMIK-1 measurement microphone

* UMIK-1 required for nanoAVR DL, optional for nanoAVR HD.



Feature comparison

  DDRC-88A nanoAVR DL nanoAVR HD nanoAVR HDA
Number of audio channels 8 in, 8 out 8 in, 8 out 8 in, 8 out 8 in, 8 out
Audio input connectivity Analog HDMI HDMI HDMI
Audio output connectivity Analog HDMI HDMI HDMI & Analog
Input/output resolution 24-bit 24-bit 24-bit 24-bit
Internal sample rate 48 kHz 48 kHz 96 kHz 96 kHz
Maximum input sample rate N/A 192 kHz 192 kHz 192 kHz
Calibration software DLCT1 DLCT1 nanoAVR plugin nanoAVR plugin
Filtering technology Dirac Live® Dirac Live® IIR IIR
Impulse response correction Yes Yes No No
Room EQ Wizard support No No Yes Yes
Bass management No No Yes Yes
Number of onboard presets 4 4 4 4
Infrared remote learning Yes Yes Yes Yes
UMIK-1 included in purchase Yes No No No
Price 999USD 549USD 249USD 349USD
  1. Dirac Live Calibration Tool multichannel for miniDSP

What's included

  • Your Home Theater Series 8-channel HDMI audio processor
  • One power supply
  • USB and HDMI cables
  • Software license for Dirac Live Calibration Tool MultiChannel for miniDSP  or nanoAVR Plugin (Mac/Win)