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DOA information is 'sticky' 3 years 6 months ago #48295


We are trying to create a proof of concept demo using your UMA-8 microphone arrays. We are going to do some audio analysis along with using the direction information sent in on the USB interrupts. The product works well but we have noticed during testing that the DOA information seems to have a 'sticky' characteristics. I mean that the UMA-8 seems to require a new sound to be there for a little while before it indicates the new direction. It indicates that the new sound is still coming from the direction of the previous sound for a little while. For example if you make a distinct one off sound like a simple handclap repetitively say every half second at one location (say 0°). The UMA-8 picks that up every time perfectly and issues an interrupt with correct DOA info and flashes the correct LED. However if the 0° claps is stopped and the same repetitive clap sound is made at location 180° it still indicates (led and DOA info in usb interrupt) that the location of the first one or 2 clap sounds from 180° is from location 0°. After the first one or two claps from location 180° then DOA info and the LED correctly indicates that it's from 180°. The same will happen if you move the sound source to a new location i.e. it reports the old location for the first one or two instances and then it switched to the correct location.
Are there any settings that we can change on the MIniDSP UMA-8 so that any distinct sounds are always registered correctly every time as opposed to the behaviour described above.

Thanks in advance for your help. We are under some pressure to produce this demo so your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and best regards, John Barrett.

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DOA information is 'sticky' 2 years 1 week ago #57728

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Seeing the same, did you ever find a solution for this?

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