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TOPIC: Echo cancellation settings

Echo cancellation settings 3 years 1 week ago #36739

Hi all, team,

We're currently playing with the AEC settings available in firmware 1.5.

The echo cancellation itself is pretty efficient. To those interested in that feature, it's really easy: just feed the UMA-8 "sink" device with the reference signal you want.

Some AEC settings are pretty self explanatory once you have a basic grasp of the algorithms involved, some are definitely not, especially the ones that pertain to doubletalk management.

In our tests, using a simple microphone at the far-end and the UMA-8 at the near-end, we could confirm that using the default settings, while the far-end is talking the AEC DT simply cuts the near-end signal input: the far-end doesn't hear the near-end anymore, or (in some cases) the signal is completely garbled.

You can imagine what happens when both sides use an UMA-8 with AEC on, and try to talk at the same time: no one can hear a sensible word...!

We tried and play with the AEC DT settings, but couldn't find a way to really tell what does what. What we are trying to achieve is a setup that:
- efficiently cancels outs echos
- doesn't mute or garbles the recorded voice if the far-end is talking

Any inputs would be highly appreciated...!
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