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TOPIC: SHD presets per input selection / control APIs.

SHD presets per input selection / control APIs. 3 months 2 weeks ago #42898

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It would be real nice if changing input selection on the SHD can select a per-input preset and volume, with the option to lock either (so some inputs with volume control done elsewhere could be safely set to 0 db without blasting one's speakers if the input was changed).

The obvious application is integrating a home theatre output requiring no further processing or volume control with a high-res audio input that needs both.

On Edit: The more I think about this, the more I want it, particularly on the SHD.

See, I have a home theatre setup with two nanoAVRs (the first for bass management, the second for Dirac Live), with digital audio de-embedded via an HDTV Supply HDMI to SDI and Blackmagic SDI audio deembeder, sent to a Lucid ADA 8824 for D to A, and Crown and Outlaw Audio amps. This is fine for home theatre and works very well, but the specs are lacking a bit for two channel stereo listening.

I would really like to integrate an SHD for that purpose. But, here's the rub: while it has the inputs for the front left and right channels from my theatre system, I don't want any additional processing, nor volume control. The former is easy via preset selection, but the latter is not: I'd have to remember to set volume to 0 dB when using the home theatre and selecting the right preset (no processing), and, more importantly, remember to reduce the volume when switching to stereo listing mode. It would be far nicer if these could be combined into a single step.

An alternative is something like the Emotiva XSP-1, which accepts home theatre and stereo inputs, and offers dual stereo subwoofer bass routing for the front two channels (something the SHD can do too, and better), with fixed volume for theatre inputs, and variable volume control for stereo inputs. It also costs $1249, though for its specs and what it does, that is a fair price. I really don't want to have to get an SHD and an XSP-1.

The only feature the SHD would need is specification of (a) preferred preset for each input, (b) initial volume for each input, (c) with a means to lock either, so it can't be changed except through the config application. Alternately, presets could have (a) allowed input selections, and (b) fixed or variable volume settings, with locks. I think it makes more sense to associate these settings with inputs, than presets, but either way works (and many preamps already have such a feature, per-input).

In use, one would select an input (input-centric), and be switched to either the default preset, or the last preset used on that input; and the default volume or last volume used on that input (which might be locked). In the preset-centric case, selecting a preset would select either the default input for that preset, or the last input used with it, and the default volume for that preset, or the last volume used with it.

Switching presets (input centric), would be limited to presets allowed for the current input, and switching inputs (preset centric) would be limited to inputs allowed for the current preset.

I understand miniDSP has finite resources, but it is extremely frustrating for those of us who might have the skills to enhance their products (and share those enhancements), but can't. Simply publishing the USB and/or ethernet interfaces used between config and control apps, and the devices themselves would let us write our own UIs for functionality like this, and make for far more useful products. I understand miniDSP can't offer "hand-holding" in such areas, but they could certainly be published "without support or warranty". Lucid did this when publishing the SysEx commands for their ADA 8824, so I could set the levels via a USB to MIDI adapter under Linux, even thought their legacy app to do so ran on Windows.

Furthermore, publishing such interfaces would allow for the development of equipment (likely Raspberry Pi-based, or similar) to do things like coordinated control of volume via USB (or ethernet) of multiple miniDSP products, like the use of dual DDRC-88As in the showcased 16 channel Dirac Live Atmos or dual nanoAVRs "Gonzo" setups.

On Edit 2: If this is too complicated, a Home Theatre Bypass option on each input would set the volume to 0 dB (because it is controlled elsewhere). One would still have to switch to a non-processing preset (or have an additional option to indicate the preset when a Home Theatre Bypass input is selected), but at least one would not blast one's speakers (assuming the home theatre setup had a volume control, which it should).
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SHD presets per input selection / control APIs. 3 months 2 weeks ago #42928

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I also think this would be very useful feature. I would like to use SHD as a preamp and having option to set HT bypass on analog input would allow to integrate home ciname easily
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