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SHD 1 year 11 months ago #41303

  • Juoigâ
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Nick G wrote:
Juoiga, I have trouble with the app as it is unsupported on my Apple phone now. I’ll need to go to the forum to see how others are running the app. I e been using the remote.

Thank you for the note.

The Volumio app does not (yet?) support the SHD. And even if it would, it does not offer more than the webinterface. I use that on my phone (browser Opera)
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SHD 1 year 11 months ago #41305

  • Nick G
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My apologies, I should clearly stated that I was referring to the Squeezebox app. I cant access it any ogre on my phone because it has not been updated. I use the touchscreen or the remote but preferred using their app.
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SHD 1 year 11 months ago #41307

  • Tagore
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All. Interested in this too with a similar same debate at play.

Before it appears I am trying to hijack the thread: I note that the SHD comes with option of buying a wifi adapter with it - unless I am missing something, doesnt this address your query Nick?

My case - I also have the Orions, have tried DIRAC PC version and been very impressed and am now wondering whether SHD or DDRC24 makes more sense. Is the additional investment if I don't really need (would like them but have functional working alternatives presently) the streamer or DAC functionality at present.
Presently using Minix android box as streamer optical out -> HIFIME SPDIF OPTICAL DAC (ES9018K2M) (don't laugh folks wanted to dip my toe into the separate DAC thing and was impressed - perhaps too easily ;)) -> Rotel RC1070 -> Linkwitz active cross over -> ATI power amp -> Orion speakers
Or is the simplicity and all in one functionality that the SHD offers and ability to get rid of separate streamer, cheap DAC and even my Rotel Pre-amp.

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SHD 1 year 11 months ago #41312

  • Runlonger
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That is not entirely true, the app does offer more:

1. Volume control with the volume rocker of the phone (not possible in web interface)
2. Ability to control multiple Volumio devices, without having to go from one browser tab to the next
3. Quicker start and recognition of Volumio

So, I really do hope, that the app will support the SHD in the future. The current situation without the ability of volume control through webinterface or app and the slower updates, makes the internal SHD Volumio laking in features compared to an external 3rd party Volumio box hooked to "digital in". An this cheap external Volumio box even has Wifi...
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SHD 1 year 6 months ago #43300

  • madabtaudio
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Hi ,
Yes you can use WIFI on the SHD.
Plug a wifi dongle into the USB (type A) port. Open wifi list on an Android phone and connect to Volumio on the SHD (Ad Hoc). Then open settings on the Volumio app on the phone and it will now be connected to Volumio on the SHD. Under network settings you should find a list of WIFI available. Select your home WIFI , enter its password and save. reboot and you should be good to go.
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SHD 1 year 6 months ago #43592

  • devteam
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Thanks for the comment @ Madabtaudio.. We can indeed confirm that the SHD supports USB audio Wifi dongles. Look for one that is compatible with RPI and their chipsets are typically compatible with ours.

Also note that the Volumio app does support the SHD. That issues was solved by the Volumio team few months ago. Keep us updated if any issues. Volume control within volumio was blocked as it was done in the wrong place (within volumio). We want to do it at the right place.. within the DAC of the SHD. That required a complete new protocol which is now enabled in the coming build.. Stay tuned for OTA update in coming week or so.

miniDSP, building a DSP community one board at a time.
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