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TOPIC: Quad Subwoofer Plan with the SHD

Quad Subwoofer Plan with the SHD 1 year 9 months ago #40190

I just ordered an SHD in order to setup 4 subwoofer outputs via the XLR outputs which will be sourced from one of the analog inputs from my receiver.

My intention is to either use Dirac or manually do distance calibration / delays on all 4 subwoofers and enter this into the SHD.

I also intend to apply some PEQ in some of the drivers in order to counteract the nulls in other drivers (where this is possible) in order to better flatten out the Main Listening Position.

Ultimately I plan to then use the bass management in my receiver to integrate the summed response of the minidsp. I have more of a Sat/Sub setup with crossovers around 110hz for my main speakers, therefore there are issues with "stereo" bass. I intend to send sound from all of my left side speakers to the left front and back subwoofers and the right side speakers to the right front and back subs.

I also intend to do a low pass on the rear subs of around 70-80hz or whichever gets me the best result. I do not want to hear music coming out of the rear subs in a sub/sat setup and only want music to come from the front soundstage.

The concept of "surround sound" bass is practically nonsensical and likely cannot even be perceived in terms of movie effects. I am mostly trying to avoid the presence of 2-channel music coming out of the rear subs and messing with stereo imaging and front soundstage.

In general I have found the subwoofer/satellite style setup very difficult to get right with my horn speakers. There are often significant nulls somewhere between 80hz and 110hz in a typical rectangular house room at the MLP. In a traditional full range front speaker, this is irrelevant since the crossover may be set around 70-80hz but in my setup if I don't do things right, I get a null in a highly noticeable and audible region.

Does all this sound like a reasonable approach?
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Quad Subwoofer Plan with the SHD 1 year 8 months ago #40326

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Welcome to the miniDSP community!
Sounds like a nice application for the SHD.. :-)

All the below is simple to achieve thanks to the internal matrix mixer + output PEQ/Xover/Time alignment.

Keep us updated on how things go!
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