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2x4hd has enough taps 1 week 4 days ago #62761

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So guys I thought I would share a few pointers to help…

I have 3X 2x4hd in a multi-way… I’ve been RePhasing since 2015 with them. A few pointers to make taps work with Rephase.

1. use rectangular windows 
2. For LF crossover linearizarion you can try 1024 taps , rectangular window, and 9ms centering (just type -9ms) all lower case in centering box
3. 1024 taps will “play” down to 94hz so all phase eq or eq  needs to be above 94hz with 1024 taps 
4. Do sub eq in the peq and save fir eq for mids and highs as you don’t need to make phase changes below 100hz 
5. If you have extra response under midbass crossover you don’t have linearize a sub to midbass to sound good….  If you turn on let’s say an 80hz crossover on a midbass and make the responce flat below 80hz it will be linear phase, so don’t make it flat to 20 , just make it flat to right above fs of the midbass then let it naturally drop off, then add more taps to the sub and linearize it, center it at 15ms or so with about 2000taps and it will sound phenomenal.
6. Make close mic measurements to speaker gated at 4cy. Then make measured phase flat in rephase and send that to speaker.

the 2x4hd has just barely enough power to get it done, but it won’t pre ring and will sound excellent! You don’t need a million taps to get a good fir. 256 taps gets you fir power down to just under 400hz. There shouldn’t be any reason you can’t do it in a 2x4hd. The fir is powerful, and once you get the hang of it , it will blow Dirac out of the water. RePhase is a extremely powerful tool and makes very good sounding fir for the 2x4hd! 

make sure to donate to POS for his hard work at rephase.org 


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