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NanoAvr & EDID: II 2 weeks 3 days ago #44613

I am still confused about EDID: Does the NanoAvr signal an EDID to the HDMI INPUT? The manual says the setting within the NanoAVR is only for the HDMI output.
I am asking, because I lost my NanoAVR HDA-DL (HDA modified for Dirac) output for half a day yesterday. I experimented with feeding the HDMI INPUT 2 with my PC´s HDMI signal and eventually arrived at a stage where the analog output went dead for all inputs. I only use the analog outputs and the HDMI out is empty in my configuration. I feed the NanoAVR with an OPPO 103. It still found the NanoAVR but only as a video device and would not send Audio to it (“NO AUDIO”). It would do that happily for other devices. I re-loaded the DSP software into the NanoAVR and changed the HDMI EDID setting to all choices, created an empty DIRAC slot, rebooted everything twice – no change.
Only after I connected a true HDMI device with a real EDID to the HDMI OUT of the NANOAVR did the Oppo recognize the NanoAVR and did send Audio again and all is fine since then, even after leaving HDMI our blank again.
In the past, my PC would not recognize the NanoAVR as an HDMI device and would not send anything to it. Since my forced HDMI-OUT EDID experiment yesterday, it does. Even after the HDMI out was disconnected again.
Is that a known bug, i.e. the NanoAVR occasionally forgetting what type of device it is and then keeping a “forced” setting until something else comes along??
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