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TOPIC: 2x4 HD to JBL MKII Monitors (306P) & Sub (LSR310S)

2x4 HD to JBL MKII Monitors (306P) & Sub (LSR310S) 5 months 2 weeks ago #46008

I've had the idea to buy a set of 306P monitors for awhile now. Recently I saw that JBL now has a 10" studio sub to go with, which is awesome. I've been trying to pull the trigger, but the setup isn't coming together in my head like I want. I found a Z Reviews video where he talks about the MiniDSP, in loving terms, and I thought, "This could work." Z discusses connecting his devices to the Mini and then running to his Kali speakers for an awesome setup in the living room. That all seems great, mainly because the Kalis have a RCA input. The JBLs do not. The JBL sub has a balanced in and out, but the monitors only have a balanced input. Kali doesn't have a sub that I can find. So off I went to find a solution and so far I have found nothing concrete. This is where I get frustrated and confused. Another videos show some dude jacking his Dell straight into the JBL setup with a 3.5mm and this seems lame. I want DSP and DAC, not a half-ass setup. Being able to use the remote would also be cool.

This is where my understanding of balanced and unbalanced obviously fails. The setup is going to be connected to my MacBook Pro and I would add another digital source like TV or a standalone CD player. Input into the MiniDSP I get. Output I don't. Can I put two channels together out of the mini and run into the sub then out to the monitors? I assume I would leave them all without the built-in EQ replicating anything I've done with the MiniDSP? Or do I get an unbalanced RCA to XLR and run only three channels of the MiniDSP (left monitor, right monitor, and one sub input)? Or, do I run all four channels of the MiniDSP with an unbalanced cable (left monitor, right monitor, left sub input, right sub input)? Or do I just buy the Kali's in 8" configuration and forget the sub and JBL?

This was not a rabbit hole I expected to fall down. Thank you all for your help.
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2x4 HD to JBL MKII Monitors (306P) & Sub (LSR310S) 5 months 1 week ago #46067

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If I were you, I would get an Apple Airport Express or other streamer with Toslink out. Then I would run the Toslink to the MiniDSP, then run one cable to each of your monitors and sub. I hope that sounds simple enough. I don't follow what you write about all kinds of channels going to the sub. You need separate channels for each speaker, though, of course, as you will want to do all your crossing over and dsp correction inside the MiniDSP. Hope that helps. That JBL sub is nice. If you want something even nicer you could get a Rythmik. I recommend sealed subs for maximum bass extension rather than ported subs. Let me know if I can help further. With the Airport Express you can use Airplay and play music from your iPhone or iPad etc.
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