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TOPIC: HDMI input for DSP

HDMI input for DSP 4 weeks 1 day ago #51406

After having a great time implementing DSP solutions for audio (stereo mode with subwoofers) it occured to me to try similar approaches for multi channel home theater.

The (to me anyway!) obvious way to implement this for high quality sound (lossless format, 7.1 or better) would be a DSP device with an HDMI input. You'd be keeping everything digital until you went to the speaker amplifiers.

After some lengthy searching I haven't been able to find anything like this -- it looks like the common solution involves converting back and forth from digital to analog a couple of times along the line, with a resulting huge cabling requirements (individual lines for each channel from DSP/DAC to the amplifier!) With that approach I can barely imagine the cabling needs if you wanted to bi or tri amp all channels on something like a 7.2 system!

Am I missing something here?
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