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4X2HD USB Device Descriptor Failed 1 year 1 month ago #62501

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To make a long story short I had a motherboard die on me a few days ago and I since replaced it with a slightly better board. Since then I can't connect my MiniDSP 4X2HD via USB at all. It doesn't show up in the software or driver control panel. At first when I plugged it in nothing happened but after tinkering around with reinstalling USB drivers and even trying a seperate fresh install of Windows the best I can do now is the device shows up as not recognized and in device manager it says "Unknown USB Device - Device Descriptor Request Failed". Then it doesn't load a driver and fails with "Code 43". The strange thing is I have 2 computers and before one of the motherboards died I had 2 computers with the exact same motherboard and my 4X2HD still works fine with the older board but not with my new one. I can't see why the motherboard would cause this issue. They're both AMD X570 based boards with nearly the exact same USB configuration. I've tried just about everything I can think of from reinstalling the drivers, reinstalling the plugin, removing the power cable, replacing the USB cable, reinstalling Windows and more but nothing works. I emailed MiniDSP support and all they coudl tell me is that they shipped many units and never saw this happen before. The only thing I can think of is that this is either some weird edge case where my motherboard isn't supporting USB properly (unlikely) or this is somehow a firmware issue with the miniDSP 4X2HD. I am by the way on the latest firmware and plugin and driver. When I boot up the plugin it has the Samsung boot screen now and I never saw that before. Now that I see the new boot screen I'm having issues.

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but I'm curious if anyone knows what might be going on here and maybe someone from miniDSP will see this post and look into it more than support did for me. As of right now I'm down a DSP and it seems like there's no fix in sight unless I wanna swap motherboard for a crappier one.

I've also attached a few screenshots incase anyone wants to see what I'm seeing.

Update: I think this is a firmware/driver issue now. I plugged the DSP into a third PC that I never connected it to before and it showed up as a USB audio device as it should and seemed to be working fine. I installed the latest driver and plugin and now it doesn't work at all in the same way it does on the main PC I normally use my DSP with. So when the driver and plugin are installed it no longer works. Maybe this is a software bug?

Update 2: So I got it to be detected on the third system however I'm pretty sure this is a hardware failure at this point. I'm able to restore individual profiles (however it doesn't actually work) but not all profiles. I hit factory reset and everytime it gets stuck trying to upload the data to the device. I also now have a flashing blue light on the DSP that wasn't like that before. I have no audio output and all inputs and outputs according to the plugin show a constant signal that is +3dbFS.

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