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TOPIC: Cannot update miniDSP 10x10 Hd firmware

Cannot update miniDSP 10x10 Hd firmware 5 days 19 hours ago #44893

I bought my miniDSP 10x10 Hd back in August 2014. At that time I downloaded and installed the MiniDSP_8x8_107 plugin which included firmware v2.7. Recently I rearranged my system and wanted to adjust it to it's new home. I downloaded and installed the newest plugin MiniDSP_8x8_111_fw_v2_12. I can connect to the 10x10 Hd and control it from my Windows 10 64 bit laptop. When I check the plugin from the Help - About This Product tab it shows the plugin as v1.11 and firmware as v2.7. I tried to update the firmware to v2.12 but the system replies that it cannot enter bootloader mode. I tried powering down the unit and pressing the reset button while powering it back up. After powering the system back up while holding the reset button on the back panel in only one of the white lights on the front panel of the 10x10 Hd lit up and I couldn't connect to it. I powered down the unit and powered it back up this time without holding the reset button in and both lights lit up. After that I could connect to the unit but once again attempting to update the firmware I received the same error saying it cannot enter bootloader mode. The 10x10 Hd seems to be operating correctly with plugin v1.11 and firmware v2.7 but I would still like to update to the newest firmware. A couple of questions, why is the newer firmware v2.12 while the older firmware v2.7 is a larger number? How do I get the 10x10 Hd into bootloader mode? And lastly will this configuration of plugin v1.11 and firmware v2.7 cause any problems with the operation of the 10x10 Hd? Any help would be appreciated.
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