The miniDSP community is a free and open exchange of ideas where we aim to provide a creative environment! First and foremost, we do DSP and innovative products to give you enjoyment and have fun. No matter the question, we're always happy to help with a smile. :-) With this said, we need to make sure we keep true to the objective of our community so a couple of typical forum rules are in place:


  • No messages that harass, insult, belittle, or threaten another member will be tolerated. One warning will always be issued with a chance to retract your comments.
  • Offensive words and / or graphics will not be tolerated either.
  • Cross-posting (i.e. post the same message in more than one forum board) is rude and isn't productive. Choose the forum topic that is closest to your post, and place it there only. If you should create a post in one forum, and later realize it would be more appropriate in another forum, please delete the original before posting it again. miniDSP moderators will warn you if you are found cross posting.
  • Postings with mention of illegal sites or illegal activities will automatically get removed by our moderator
  • It is understood that there are times when the idea itself requires that a product be mentioned, critiqued or evaluated. There are also times when the recommendation of a product is the answer to a posted problem. Blatant advertising on a Forum, however, is rude. Such postings should be removed. The definition of 'Blatant Advertising' is generally at the discretion of the moderators of a Forum.



  • First and foremost, communication is important to us so we'll make sure to communicate with you to explain the situation. A link to these rules will be sent to you for you to acknowledge our terms.
  • If the poster does not follow the rule, a temporary or final posting ban will be issued at the discretion of our moderators.



  • All Rules are open to different interpretations. The moderators of this Forum should have the final decision as to what constitutes an infringement of the rules as well as the responsibility to remove, edit, move or close those posts that they see as being harmful to our community. All members of the forum should have the right to contact the moderators privately if there is a need to further explain a position or a post. miniDSP will be happy to clarify what we felt was an infringement.

Have a question? Want to raise a comment about our rules? Please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!