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Modest recycle/upgrade audio equipment project 11 years 4 months ago #578

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Project goal: build a 2.1 audio set based on recycled parts and upgrade the set with miniDSP and miniAMP.
Recycle parts:
• a Velleman K4100 digital controlled pre-amplifier.
• 2 Cyburgs Needle speaker boxes with Omnes Audio BB3.01 broadband speakers (covering 100Hz-20000kHz)
• a Magnat symbol 5000A subwoofer (60W, 50-200hz)
Upgrade parts:
• miniDSP
• miniAMP
• 2 Way crossover PEQ 2.1 Sub plug-in
• 20 V/70W notebook power supply
Supporting resources:
• PC with Sound blaster Audigy 2 card
• Laptop (unfortunately no good sound card (yet))
• audio Tester V3.0 software
• Yamaha measurement microphone (belonged to my AV system)
I have no electro-technical skills, no experience with audio testing and audio signal processing, so I can look forward to a steep learning curve ;)
Expected project outcome:
miniDSP, miniAMP and power supply built into the Velleman, supplying (together with speaker boxes and Sub) a pleasant natural sound in my living room.

Step 1 (30th of May)
Build miniDSP and miniAMP together with a few additional standoffs (to keep it free from the surface), screws and the supplied flat cable.

I could leave all jumpers in default setting for this (2*20W) setup.
Later on I will have to find a way to connect the boards with a different cable, because they have to be fit next to each other in the pre-amplifier.

I installed Adobe Air and the 2 Way crossover PEQ 2.1 Sub plug-in on my PC .
I connected the PC and miniDSP with the supplied USB cable and a blue led started blinking on the miniDSP.
I started the plug-in.
The plug-in had a green arrow below that guided me through the menus. It took some time before I noticed that I had to switch between Channel 1&2, but after noticing that, the software was easy to work with.
I left all settings to default, except the 2 way crossover channels 1 & 2, I changed both to:
• Low pass filter settings - default except Bypass filter -> Bypass mode
• High pass filter setting - default except cut off frequency -> 120

Next steps:
• Remove the crossover correction network from the Cyburgs Needle.
It was used as a wave trap, I expect that the PEQ 2.1 plug-in will correct that BB3.01 oddness even better.
• Try to bypass the build in cross-over in the Magnat Sub.
• Create an equipment setup in a “test room” and create a 0-measurement with audio Tester.
• Based on that 0-measurement I will start a configuring the PEQ 2.1 plug-in and measuring cycle until it sounds great.

That configure/measure cycle will probably have a lot of trial and error moments` :)

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Re:Modest recycle/upgrade audio equipment project 11 years 4 months ago #583

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Neat Setup and we look forward to seeing more of it!
FYI, you can indeed get the 2 boards side by side but would involve building your custom flat cable. If you have a flat cable crimp, easy task. Otherwise, a simple clamp will do the job. Keep the cables as short as possible.

Have fun!
miniDSP, building a DSP community one board at a time.

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