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TOPIC: 5.1.4 ATMOS Setup with 5 ddrc 24

5.1.4 ATMOS Setup with 5 ddrc 24 1 month 1 week ago #47765

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Hello Guys,

I am planning the Living Room Home Theater Setup for my House (under construction). I have already planned the Rack outside of the living room. Therefore I can use use PA equipment (no problem with fan noise). I want to get a very good digital room correction since the living room will not be fully treated (only ceiling absorbtion and ceilings).
Setup; 5.1.4 ATMOS with two subwoofers which have build in dsp and will be dialed in with REW. Also including delay adjustment to the main speakers via ddrc24 output delay

Among many others the following room correction setup could be a good option for me:
Any AVR which has 5.1.4 processing/preouts and the streaming and input outout options and user exprience I desire (e.g. Denon X3600H)
5 ddrc 24
5 Crown 1002

I would use the five ddrc 24 for speaker pairs like this:
1 ddrc24: FL and FR
2 ddrc24: SL and SR
3 ddrc24: TFL and TFR
4 ddrc24: TSL and TSR
5 ddrc24: C and LFE (y-cable so I can delay them as a system)
Bass Management (X-Over at 80hz) will be done by AVR before Dirac.

Get subs done with REW (Delay, PEQ in built in DSP) -> The two Subs are now one Sub-System
Integrate Sub-System with other 9 speakers (set output delays on the ddrc24s) to crerate smooth amplitude in x-over region with REW:
Run Dirac for 9 Channels Full Range.

Finally the Question: Can I run dirac on the ddrc 24 number 5 with C and LFE? Will dirac correct the center (incl sub system) and also the LFE Channel? This way I could have the target curve on all channels. Then I could learn a remote command to recall a preset same for all ddrc 24 and switch presets together on all of them.

Is this a feasible setup?

(I know the app note for 2 x ddrc 88A but they do not have dirac 2.0 and cost the same as 5 ddrc24)
Background and reason behind wanting a system like this.
I do not want to do any room correction in the prepro/avr. If I have amplification and room correction seperate I can just put any prepo on top and have good correction already done. With hdmi versions changing and new codecs emerging I do not want to have to look for the avr/prepro that has the desired room correction, amp power and features. With this setup I can just concentrate on the features.
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5.1.4 ATMOS Setup with 5 ddrc 24 3 weeks 1 day ago #48091

  • rts100x5
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NO.... it is not a feasible setup .... Do yourself a HUGE favor and get an ARCAM AVR 20 ...16 channel Dirac Live 2.0 ...forget that non sense your trying to configure unless you are in love with MAJOR setup issues..... Get the ARCAM AVR20 and let 1 piece of equipment do ALL the work instead of the 10 pieces you are trying to throw together and hope it works.... YOUR WELCOME
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5.1.4 ATMOS Setup with 5 ddrc 24 3 weeks 1 day ago #48114

  • Nikless
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First of all thanks for replying. I understand completely what you mean and I would like to get one box aswell. But the Box needs to fit my requirements. Unfortunately I have looked at the Arcam (among others) and came up with this list:

- Reported to sound great
- Good amps (not needed since I will use the unlimited headroom of PA amps)
- Might get Dirac Bass Control for my Multi Sub Solution

- No easy to use Multiroom streaming solution (Bluesound, Heos etc.) -> Must have for my wife
- No OSD Video Overlay (Bad if the unit is in a rack in another room)
- Software was extremely buggy. I know it is better now, but still not close to a Denon product user experience.
- App Control with very limited functionality.
- Absolutely no way to influence sound apart from tone control (useless in my optinion) and Dirac (no peq, etc)
- I checked out the IR Codes available on my Harmony Elite and there are a lot of toggle commands. This is fine if you can see what you are selecting on the display, but I cannot. This is much better with Denon (apart from having OSD Overlay)
- No Cross upmixing of Dolby singals with DTS Neutral X. (maybe this will come with firmware update, maybe not)

This is why the Arcam is not a good product for my needs. I like to tinker and optimize and I would be fine with spending major time to do the setup. What I want to know is if I am overlooking something and the setup is completely impossible or will nor yield my intended results even with extensive setup.
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5.1.4 ATMOS Setup with 5 ddrc 24 2 weeks 2 days ago #48391

  • Nikless
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I just read in the newsletter, that minidsp b is looking for testers of Dirac 2.0 on ddrc88a therefore I will go this route...
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