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TOPIC: Dirac Bass Management

Dirac Bass Management 1 year 5 months ago #44789

Hi guys, I am an Audio DIYer and currently have a 5.1 setup. In future I would like to eventually upgrade to an atmos system using the same bookshelf speakers all round (including as heights tilted to seating position). As well as this upgrade I would like to eventually add more subs as well (as this works better than 1 big sub for room modes). These upgrades are probably for quite far in the future as I am currently 18 and plan on going to uni as well. So my question is: are you guys working on a dirac live capable DSP that has Dirac Bass Management? And if so would I be able to eventually use it in a dolby atmos system?

Also I will be getting a car soon and would like to incorporate a minidsp device using dirac live into the system I have pre-designed. But yet again, are you guys thinking of designing a car audio processor that includes DBM?

Hope to hear from someone soon, and I hope this helps other people trying to do similar things as well. :)
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Dirac Bass Management 1 year 5 months ago #44791

I currently use my high-end motherboard for 5.1 surround audio outs and homemade class-d amplifiers with 3 Meanwell 320W 9A 36V power supplies. Yep my system may seem low-fi but compared to many setups it is comparatively hi-fi.
at 10% thd I get 160W per channel, 80W 0.05% thd. I measured it myself so it is probably actually higher than 80W. But I don't think it is too bad of a setup for a student. It certainly sounds good to me anyway. I have a Umik-1 that I use with REW as well. I have speakers that I designed myself. They are the same, LCR and RL and RR, so basically the same design all round. This is because I like a really cohesive sound stage. That is why I eventually want a DSP that uses dirac live and DBM.

Also, I am part of the forum: Toid's DIY audio, I have told them about Dirac live and your products. There is one youtuber called DIY Audio Guy that seems really interested. I have sent him a load of information on the C-DSP 8x12. Hopefully he gets one of the products and reviews it as more people should know about this technology; especially for car audio. Hopefully this will get people that lush sound-stage people have always been wanting in their cars when working on DIY audio. :0, :)
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