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TOPIC: Using DDRC 24 DIRAC Live with Quad ESL57 passives

Using DDRC 24 DIRAC Live with Quad ESL57 passives 2 weeks 5 days ago #40334

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I have used the DDRC 24 in my two active speaker projects were they are the active crossover and then the added DIRAC live filter . This worked very well and there is a more full description in the New projects thread.

However I have now bought a pair of Quad ESL57 speakers and had them fully refurbished to better than new specification. Because of the complication of the passive crossover in the Quads it is just beyond my technical skills to make them an active speaker so I am using the DDRC 24 with crossover and EQ bypassed but using the DIRAC Live . When I used the auto target curve and played the speakers I suffered quite a problem with distortion when the volume was raised and when any music with heavy low bass was played.

With a little help from some other DDRC 24 users on an audio site (www.hifiwigwam.com/forum) I managed to identify that the curve was asking too much of both the speakers and amplifier in the low are up 40 KHZ and was just soaling amplifier power and tryin to make the speakers work in area they were unable to do .

For those interested I have attached the DDRC 24 project files which you can review . Below I have also put a picture of the speakers graph with out any target and then the eventual target filter I used which now works very well and allows me to play these speakers at very loud levels with no strain .

I freely admit that migh ability to read the graphs and then transfer the readings to the best filter target is limited . The filter I use below works and sounds good but it may well be that it could be improved on to give a little extra in the bass without send the unit in to distortion .

Any sugestions of even target filter settings that you can post would be much appreciated . As I have three blank filter options left i can easily load any suggestions in to the DDRC24 give them a try and compare them to the current filter I am using . Thank you for anyone that takes the time to view this and any suggestions offered.

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Using DDRC 24 DIRAC Live with Quad ESL57 passives 2 weeks 2 days ago #40377

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I measured a pair of stacked ESL57s some time ago and realised from the measurement that they have what you might call an "impression of bass" from the bass panel resonance. Yours is higher in frequency than I measured (70 Hz IIRC) but that may be related to the age of the panels. To get much bass, I suspect you will just need subwoofers. You don't say what the default target curve actually did (it varies in the low cutoff) but I'd be inclined to try it again but set the low curtain to just below the resonance.

BTW the files you uploaded are the configuration files not the Dirac Live project. If you wanted someone to look at the latter, you would need to upload to Dropbox and provide a link.

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Using DDRC 24 DIRAC Live with Quad ESL57 passives 1 week 2 days ago #40755

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Some great suggestions from John Already.
The rule of thumb when building a target curve is to always stay "around" the natural response of the speaker. Never try to be massively above with the target curve. Else you're indeed over exercising the speaker.. No magic can be done against physics as you learned.. :-)

It's a LOT easier to linearize by attenuating than boosting so that's why we always recommend to set the target curve BELOW the response. Have a trial in the future (and also you can click on TARGET curve tick box in the first measurement) to overlay both together. It's very useful information for ppl to review.

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